February 12, 2015

Last minute Valentine ideas

Every now and again I feel the need to talk about something other than beauty and fashion. I feel like I should offer advice on something other than what color to wear and how to look thinner. Well...today is your lucky day!  

This morning I appeared on the WNDU Morning Show and offered some last minute Valentine gift ideas.  Get your shopping list ready - there's something for everyone!


There is a new trend out therhttps://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=9117951317629263763#editor/target=post;postID=3329607560768169457e, and it’s called GALentine. Why wait for some guy to ask you out, or sit home alone?  Go out with your girlfriends, and show them how much they mean to you.

I love this idea.  There may be someone in your circle of friends who is going through a hard time. Show them that you support them with a stackable ring. Image your friend who is fighting breast cancer, opening a gift of a beautiful pink ring at dinner...and then all of your friends gathered at the table hold up their hand wearing the same ring. AWESOMENESS!

Stackable rings – JR Fox $30 - $80

with the purchase of a gift certificate of at least $300, you will get an amazing lunch, info at lunch about defining your signature style, AND a certified style expert to help you shop. Great idea for your wife OR go in on a gift certificate with a few friends, and make it a girls day!

·         Private fashion luncheon $300 and up – Judee’s Boutique

·        Or a Love Mom bracelet from a new boutique. Charm bracelets are always a great idea because going forward, you don't have to think of a gift...just add a charm!

 ·         New’ charm bracelet - $50 - $100 JR Fox
 ·        Or a Love Mom bracelet from a new boutique.

 Nothing says I love you more than something DIY. This is a 6x6 scrapbook page holder, that I made into a calendar.  The plastic sleeves and the holder were about $12 from the craft store. Great for a husband or Dad!
Custom hand made calendar - $12 ish from craft stores

For teachers? These little bags are about $5 for 4 of them from Michael's craft store.  Fill them with goodies from the Dollar Store, and include a note why you think that person is special.  I found this note pad that has you fill out why you love someone - something like this would be a perfect compliment to the Goody Bags.  The note pad was $5 from Barnes and Noble.
When I have no idea what to get someone, I always think BOOKS!  Consider a limited special edition of a classic romance novel. 
Love Books - $10 - $35 Barnes and Noble

Crate traditions with your family so next year you don't have to think about what to get!  In out family, we always get a pair of PJs and one box of candy. This time of year cozy PJs are on clearance.  Found these at Target for $12.
PJs - $10-$12 Target

Is your tradition flowers?  Add a gold dipped rose  - that is something she will have forever. 
Gold dipped roses - $90 JR Fox

If you are the guy who like to get something blingy for your gal, go the extra mile this year, and present it to her on top (or with) a gourmet cupcake.
Cupcake $3 – Gigi’s

February 2, 2015

TOO MANY BAD HAIR DAYS? …it’s time for a change!

Having issues with your hair?  ME TOO!  Ugh, seems this time of year my hair is in a tizzy.

In the February issue of Sassy Magazine, I give some tips on what to do what that hair! 

 Maybe it’s time for you to rev up your look. According to master stylist Kerri Spencer (owner of Kerri’s AvenueSalon in Granger, IN), “One thing that can quickly date your look is your hairstyle.  You can easily look 10 years younger with an updated hairstyle.  This is why we suggest changing your style, even slightly, every year.”

When choosing the best haircut, consider your face shape.  Kerri says, “The most important thing about your hair cut is to make sure it fits your face, draws attention to your best features, and minimizes flaws.  The goal is to get to a balanced oval shape.” 

ROUND FACE:  If you have a round face, consider a hairstyle with varying lengths and angles. Straight styles also work very nicely for you.  Try something with a side part and a side-swept bang. Remember to keep some fullness on the top to create balance.

Best cut: a shaggy or angled bob

·         Center parts
·         Fullness on the sides

OVAL FACE:  If you have an oval face, most hairstyles will look good on you.  Bangs are a must. Depending on your style and age, try a side swept bang or a blunt bang.  Soft waves can work nicely for you to add volume at the sides.

Best cut: shoulder length (or longer) bob with slight bang and fullness on the sides

·         No bangs
·         Straight severe styles

SQUARE FACE:  If you have a square face, the goal with your hair is to create some softness with curls and waves. You will want to pay particular attention to the crown to be sure you are adding volume. This will create a nice balance. Short and medium length hair styles are the best for you.

Best cut: a shoulder length tousled shag

·         Styles that end at your chin
·         Super straight hair

HEART FACE:  If you have a heart shaped face, styles that hit at the neck/chin add volume to the bottom portion of your face creating a beautiful balance. Long styles are also great for you. Choose a style that will have varying layers around your face, with one layer hitting near your ears / nose, and the other at your chin.

Best cut: longer styles with multi layers around the face

·         Styles that have a lot of height at the crown
·         Straight styles with no layers

When it comes to color it is easy to make a mistake or get stuck in a rut.  Kerri Spencer, master stylist, says, “As a general rule, you should keep some of your natural color peeking through somewhere.”

To find the perfect color, consider your skin tone. Determine the underlying tones in your skin by using color swatches; silver or blue for cool, and gold or yellow for warm.  Place these on the face/neck and see what is the most flattering to your skin tone.  Pay attention to increased ruddyness, wrinkles, or darkness under your eyes. Those are the tones you should avoid in your hair color.  Be sure to do this wearing no makeup (or very little) and in an area that is well lit with natural lighting. Outside on a sunny day is best.  Another trick is to look at the underside of your wrists in sunlight.  If you see more blue you are a cool.  If you see more green/yellow you are a warm.

Best for Cool tones: Choose a shade with some warmth like golden blonde, orange-red, honey light brown or chocolate brunette

Best for Warm tones:  Cooler hair tones will be beautiful on you. Try ash brown, beige blonde, champagne light blonde, auburn red or dark espresso brown

Whatever you decide to do to add some sass to your hair this year, remember that you are beautiful!   Don’t try to get the exact hairstyle of that red-carpet celebrity or something like your best friend. Your own kind of beautiful is always the best choice.

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November 19, 2014

Goodwill Tips: Need A Job? Dress the Part!

 With the new year coming, are you looking for a new job?  Here are some thoughts on how your first impression will effect your career.

DID YOU KNOW: Hiring professionals tell me that the number 1
reason a candidate does not get called for an interview, or get the job
is because of their first impression?

Read all of the tips on the Goodwill Tips blog here:

Goodwill Tips: Need A Job? Dress the Part!

November 12, 2014

STRATEGIC WARDROBING - Keys to camouflaging a little fluff

{as seen in Sassy Magazine}

What is it about this time of the year; the weather seems to dictate our daily fashion statements which means our style is best described as  “ho-hum”. Look around, we have all fallen into a winter monochromatic slump. The notion of dressing in all one color has us thinking we are looking instantly slimmer…but that on-color ensemble can also make us look like we’re not trying. There are other ways to camouflage what the gym hasn’t taken care of yet

Go all one color – this doesn’t mean you can simply choose black as your ‘statement’ and go with that until the first tulip pops up in the garden.   Choose a hue you know you look good in, for example blue. There are very few people who don’t look amazing in blue! Vary the intensity of the colors from head to toe, and mix in a little texture.  This will make your outfit look styled as opposed to thrown together.  

inside column

outside column
Become a column – break up the monochromatic monotony in your outfit choices with column dressing.  A column of color either on the inside or outside of your look can strategically direct the eye away from a little extra fluff.  For example, if you are holding weight in your midsection, be sure to create a column on the outside to bring the eye away from your belly.  Any place you have color or a detail is where onlooker’s eyes will fall.  Be sure they are looking where you want them to! 

Keep accessories bold – big statement necklaces, over-the-top cocktail rings, bright lipstick.  These are all things that will capture the focus in your look.   There are many ways this can be done with jewelry, makeup even shoes.  

Proportion is key – the proportion of all of your accessories need to be in-line with the proportion of your silhouette.  If you are a petite gal, be sure not to opt for the largest handbag you can find.  This will throw off your silhouette and make you appear unbalanced.  Likewise, if you are a plus size sassy woman, make sure your jewelry isn’t on the delicate side. This “proportion is key” notion should also be considered when choosing the weight of prints and the busyness of patterns. 
FREE-B! Go to www.KathyFriend.com and get a free chart that will help you decide the best kind of accessories to choose.

The most important element in embracing your “transitional figure” between winter and spring is to know your true beauty is an extension of your true self.
The best wardrobe will not be flattering unless you are shining from within.

November 6, 2014

3 Winter trends to start wearing NOW

(from the November edition of Sassy Magazine)

Whether you are adding some pieces into your fall wardrobe or just need a little fashion boost to your current style, these 3 noteworthy trends are wearable at any age, any budget for any lifestyle.

Lumberjack Plaid
What it is:  This is a strong big plaid, think black and red flannel shirts.  This plaid is being seen as a detail on jackets, in skirts, socks, leggings, skirts…basically everywhere.
Beware:  Because this is such a big bold print, be careful if you have soft coloring (light brown, blonde hair, hazel, blue or light brown eyes).  The contrast in this plaid can be overwhelming on you.  Likewise, if you are petite, this print might be a bit too much on you.
How to wear it:  This trend has a distinct masculine feel.  Be sure to pair this strong print with something softer and feminine. It also has a youthful casual vibe. To wear this plaid in a sophisticated way, fabric choices will be very important. Leave the flannel at home. Opt for silk or wool for the office.

Skater Skirts
What it is:  A circle skirt that hits above the knee.  We are also seeing longer versions of this trend. This look is voluminous.
Beware:  If your body shape includes having some ‘junk in your trunk’, you might want to pass on this trend.  This skirt adds volume to the hip-booty area.
How to wear it:  Because this style is full, the shirt you pair with it should be fitted. The short nature of this skirt lends itself to a leg-baring look. For the office, a dark opaque tight with a like-colored oxford or boot would be perfect. 

Royal Blue
What it is:  This blue is a bold, bright blue.  If you have been to the mall recently, you have probably noticed the abundance of this color in the stores.  
Beware:  Everyone can wear this color well.  How much of it, and what you compliment with it is key.  Head to toe Royal Blue is too much.  Pairing with blue jeans is too much. The best combination is with a neutral (like camel, grey or black) or with a pop color (using the blue as the neutral).  Some color combinations to try are:  Royal Blue and Radiant Orchid, Royal Blue and Sangria or Royal Blue and Aurora Red.
How to wear it:  Look for a signature piece in this great hue this season.  Maybe a winter jacket or something in leather. Be sure to seek out a good blue shoe.  Because this is such a hot color this season we will be seeing a lot of shoes done in blue (which isn’t typical).  Try a bootie! Seek out prints that have hints of this color.  This will make it simple to begin to use Royal Blue as your new neutral.