August 19, 2007

how to wear multi-layers

I love the new layered looks that are so popular now, but I don’t know how to wear them without looking like a bag lady who is wearing every stitch of clothing she owns. I have tried to duplicate what I see in magazines and catalogs, and it just doesn’t work. I am in my 40’s, so don’t want to look like a teenager. Any suggestions?

-Lovin’ Layers

Dear Layers,

The trend of unexpected layers is something that we’ve seen in fashion for quite some time now. Recently, that trend has made en entrance here in the Midwest – and we’re seeing interesting combinations in our area.

On the top – it seems easy to create a layered look that is functional yet non-bulk-creating. Try one of these:

• Crew neck tissue tee
• V-neck sleeveless sweater
• Belt over the sweater
• Smartly tailored jacket
• Either a scarf (worn as an accessory – loosely tied at the neck) or, a shawl. If you opt for the shawl, consider belting it rather than allowing the piece to drape.

LOOK IDEA 2• Cami or tank
• Trapeze, empire, or other flowing tunic-length top
• Ballet inspired wrap sweater
• Chain necklaces in varying lengths

• Cami, tank or tissue tee
• Tunic length button front top
• V-neck sweater vest
• Interesting embellished belt to bring in all the colors of your sweater and button-front top
• Bring back the idea of the scarf or wrap to finish this look

Some ideas for complete looks that are grown-up yet trendy are:
• Footless tights under knee-length skirts with cute flats
• Stovepipe jeans under skirts is a very cute trend that we’re seeing all over the streets of LA, Chicago and New York. The key to being able to carry off this trend if 2-fold: age and height. If you’re over 30ish, you might want to pass on this – or, if you are petite.
• Stove pipe jeans are not for only those among us who have a rectangle body. Try pairing your straight leg jeans with longer tunic length sweaters, belted (so you don’t lose your hourglass shape), be sure to wear a heeled shoe (that will help balance volume).

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