September 29, 2007

How do you know what size people wear?

September 27, 2007 1:53 PM

Anonymous said...
How do you know what size people wear?

Thank you for this question. And, it is a hard one to answer with a blanket statement. It depends on where and how I am being asked.

If I am being asked as a representative of the private label of women's clothing that I sell - I can answer this way: I will ask you to try on an item - it might not be the exact size you are used to wearing. I know the patterns, and sizing adjustments of all the garments on my rack - so I can fit you. For example, if you try on a jacket in and 8, and it is too tight through the shoulders, I know that a 10 is going to work - because in the next size, you will get another 1/2" through the shoulder.

For someone that I am working with as a personal shopper, I take measurements. I bring my tape measure and measure my clients. I also look at the clothing they are wearing to determine if it is the right size. There are several key places to examine if a garment is the right size

In pants - look in the hip area (by the zipper) - does it buckle? pants are too big. are there creases? pants are too small. does the fabric drape from the hip?

In tops/jackets - look at the area between the chest and where the sleeve attaches to the body. Is it stressed? top is too small. is there extra fabric? top is too big.

Hope this helps!


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