September 29, 2007

what color to absolutely not to wear?

September 27, 2007 1:41 PM
Anonymous said...
Are all the designs based on past designs? How do you know what color to absolutely not to wear


I answered your question about trends in another I will answer your question about color here.

Basically, I believe that everyone can wear whatever color they want. Having said that (and hearing the gasp from some of you), let me clarify. If you have a lot of yellow tones in your skin, yellow / beige might not be the best color to have close to your face. Can you still wear a yellow sweater? YES! Just be sure to pair it with a white blouse (for example) that is close to your face.

Some blondes can't wear tan colors. This is simply because the color of the fabric is very close to the color of their hair. This is the only 'color' I really steer people away from.


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