October 31, 2007

Clothes to hide a gut

What kind of clothing can I wear to hide a gut?
-Kim B.

Thanks for the question Kim. There are so many things you can do - depending on how 'guttural' you are (haha). Most women over 30 has a slight pooch in their belly. Generally, it is about an inch below the belly button. This is where the proper fitting pant is your best friend. Find jeans and/or pants with a rise that meets that pooch. The waistband of the pants acts like a cummerbund or girdle and holds everything where it should be.

NEVER wear lower rise pants that sit below the pooch - this will bring on unnecessary attention to the area you are trying to hide.

Also look for looser fitting blouses with princess seaming. The seaming will bring attention to your torso, and away from your pooch.

Jewelry and accessories can also be your best friend. Keeping your attite simple with subdued colors and add bling with your jewelry, handbag and shoes.

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