October 14, 2007

Glamour Don'ts

I recently received a compilation of years and years of the Glamour Magazine Don'ts. Many of these secretly snapped photos never made it to the pages of the magazine - but they are good fodder for discussion none the less.

I thought the topics in this book would be good discussion topics here - so I will start posting topic discussions here. I have had several emails asking specific questions that I think this new discussion thread will be the perfect answer to!

I will admit, as I looked through the pages of this book (that is like a phone book), I was terrified that I would recognize one of those photos that has the black bar across the face. Years ago I worked for a company that was based out of New York City - right downtown - Madison Ave. So, I was there several times - in my mind, I was there enough to risk the possibility of being photographed! And who knows what I was wearing back then!

I'm sure we've all had times in our lives when we look back at photos and thought "what was I thinking?!" Do you have any great photos of bad outfits? Any funny stories about a do-not outfit? Share it here!

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