October 27, 2007

pant lengths

I received several questions about pant lengths from the fashion show I had this morning. So, I thought I would post some information about that here...

The pant lengths of the pants I sell run between 31" and 35" inseam. Choosing the right pant length is impossible - if that is what you are trying to do when purchasing a pair of pants off the rack.

Get your jeans a little long - and have then hemmed. PLEASE! I am passionate about alterations, and I can't understand women's adversity to spending $8 - $15 to hem their pants. Doesn't it make sense to spend a little money to get something to fit you perfectly - rather than to wear something that is schluppy? (that is one of those Kathy made up words...by the way) If you need a place to take your things to be altered, I suggest going to the Granger Cleaners, and ask for Lucy.

I also suggest you pin the length of your pants before going to the alteration person. Put on the highest shoe you will wear with those pants...the pant length should hit within millimeters of the bast of the heel of that shoe...anything shorter will look like highwaters.

When all else fails - error on the side of longer rather than shorter.

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