November 10, 2007

closet organization

I've received some questions about closet organization. At a talk recently, I was asked if I REALLY abide by all the tips and 'rules' I offer for a closet audit.

To prove that I do practice what I preach, below are some photos of part of my closet. Yes, I have all my alike colored tops together - organized by sleeve length with each color section.

And yes, all of my seasonal shoes are in the original boxes - organized by brand. And yes, my handbags are there too - but only the ones for this season.

Jackets all have protective dust covers on the hangers (since I don't wear those much, I don't want to put on a good jacket and notice at an inopportune time that the shoulders have a year's worth of dust on them).

Pants and skirts are also organized by color.

I welcome your closet dilemmas!

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