December 28, 2007

Ways to hide holiday weight gain

Following are some Q&A from my interview on WSBT with Cari Peugeot.

Q. Since we only have a few days until New Year’s Eve, that’s probably not enough time to exercise off those extra holiday pounds. What are some ways we can dress to hide any extra weight?

A. Of course, the first thing to think about is where you’ve gained weight. Dressing to your body shape is key to always looking great, not just around the holidays. But, if you’ve added a little to your middle this holiday season – one sure fire easy way to camouflage weight is by dressing Monochromatically.

You can also keep detail of your outfit away from problem areas – like your mid-section. This is especially true for men. This shirt is a great example of that. The detail of the shirt is in the center of the shirt – this shirt is by 3J Workshop and I found that at Nordstrom.

Q. What about foundation garments? I see a lot about those kinds of things on Oprah – do they really work?
A. Yes. Foundation garments are great to smooth everything out. Brands like Spanx or Assets are my favorite. They come in bottom and top varieties. Here are some bottom half versions that slim hips and thighs, and on the mannequin is an example of one that is good for smoothing out what we call the ‘muffin top’.

Q. Are these things you can get around here?
A. Yes, Assets and Spanx are made by the same designer – Assets is the brand you can get at Target. Spranx are available at most local boutiques and of course online at

Q. Now, if you’ve gained a few extra pounds, can’t you just buy a bigger size outfit?
A. Wearing the right size is key to looking your best. Clothes that are to big add bulk, clothing that is to tight will show problem areas.

Q. You’ve mentioned a lot about weight in your mid section – what about a double chin – is there any solution for that?
A. Look for styles with a V-neck – ties with vertical stripes for men is also a good trick.

Q. What about accessories?
A. There is the big bag trick – ladies try a handbag that is larger than what you would normally carry. This is an especially good trick for New Years. Here, we have a normal sized clutch – and an oversized one. Men and Women can also wear pointy toe shoes - this will elongate the leg. For ladies, wear high heels – a 3” heel can instantly make you look 10lbs thinner. Finally – bring attention to your face with accessories, jewelry, makeup or wear your hair up and away from your face – that will make your face appear thinner.

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