February 26, 2008

Michiana Mommy Makeover Contest

Michiana Mommy Makeover Contest!
There is a fascination with makeovers - makeover television shows, makeover stories, makeover tips. We seem to be a society obsessed with the idea of a makeover.

Anyone who has gone through a complete makeover experience knows that the process is more than just a new haircut and some new clothes. The process is a transformation from the inside out. Sometimes it is an awakening of the beauty that was being hidden by poorly fitting clothes, and an outdated hairstyle.

When someone says they want a makeover, what they are really saying is that they are ready for a change. They are ready to close the chapter on one story of life. A makeover is more about what happens inside than what happens in the mirror. As women, it is easy to get over involved in the 'business' of being a women. It is all too easy to define yourself as a mom, a wife, an employee; and forget that first and foremost, you are a woman. The Moms that I have helped redefine a style all say the same thing; they express the idea that since their kids were born, they simply forgot how to be a woman. Many times after childbirth, or for women in their mid-30's, things change. Our bodies change, and we don't know how to dress this new shape.

It's all very common, and to every woman reading this, you are not alone! My belief is there is no better way to honor my marriage or my kids than to take care of myself. Ladies, we have a choice to make. We can stay in the rut we think we are, and not change - and everyday wonder when things are going to take a turn for the better-or, we can get out of bed, take a real interest in ourselves, and become the hot Momma we know is within!

If you or someone you know is deserving of a Mommy Makeover, please read on. Below are contest details. If you have any questions about the contest, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Last year, you might remember the Michiana FAMILY Magazine's Mommy Makeover. We chose a Michiana Mom, listened to her needs, and gave her a complete makeover. The lucky winner was Kris Peterson of Goshen. Kris's new look is amazing!

This year, we are going to honor a Michiana Mom with a complete makeover. Do you know of a Mom who needs a little confidence boost, someone who has been giving her all to everyone around her, and it's time for her to give some time and attention to herself? I want to hear from you!

Nominate a Mom (or nominate yourself!) for the 2008 Michiana FAMILY Magazine Mommy Makeover! In 300 words or less, let us know why your Mom deserves to be the 2008 Michiana FAMILY Magazine's Mommy Makeover!


*the deadline is extended for those on this list ONLY. Deadline extended to Friday March 7th

All entries should be sent to makeover@michianafamilymagazine.com. All entries must be received by midnight on February 28th, 2008. Please include a photo of the nominee, and her name, address and phone number. Any entries received without this information will be considered invalid. All entries should include (no more than) 300 words, and answer the questions, "why my nominee deserves to be the 2008 Michiana FAMILY Magazine's Mommy Makeover".

Other guidelines of the contest are as follows:

1. the winner must be a resident of Michiana

2. the winner must be willing to make a change in her appearance; this can include, but is not limited to, 1 new outfit, wardrobe coaching, updated haircut, updated hair color and makeup

3. the winner must be willing for mFm to document the makeover via photographs, and be willing to sign a media release

4. the winner agrees to have her makeover story told in mFm

5. the winner must be able to devote 1 full week day for the makeover process

6. the winner understands there is no cash value to any of the prizes awarded in this contest

7. the winner holds harmless, and releases rights to litigation to all advertisers, mFm, Kathy Friend and all contributors to the contest

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