February 12, 2008

wardrobe basics

Question: What basics does every wardrobe need?

Dear Angie - GREAT question! Of course, there are different basics for women and men...and the basics depend on your lifestyle. Basic wardrobe staples for ladies include:

1. Jeans - dark wash
2. Turtleneck - black and white
3, Tee - black and white
4. blank pant
5. black skirt
6. black jacket
7. tunic or other 'fun' trendy top
8. black dress
9. denim jacket
10. cashmere sweater

...and MUCH more. The things I see missing from most wardrobes are:

- dress jeans; a dark wash with no fraying or distressing...usually in a boot cut.
- Good dress boot - ladies are scared of dress boots. I hear things like I am too short for boots, my calves don't fit in boots. Hogwash! Everyone needs a good pair of boots that can be worn with skirts in the winter. ESPECIALLY in the area we live in!
- Jean Jacket - a great jean jacket can bring life into LOTS of different outfits
- Dress Coat - many ladies just have one winter coat. To have a fully functional wardrobe, add a good wool knee length coat.
- Properly fitting underware Spanx or other foundation type garment

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