March 1, 2008

walking in heels

How can I learn to walk in hells? Are heels OK for tall women?

YES - EVERY woman should wear heels. If I could convince all of my clients to wear at least a 2 1/2" heel, I would be a happy girl! The more height you give yourself, the thinner you will look (do I need to do any more convincing on the benefits of heels?). Getting used to walking in them can be tricky. Start small. Think of it like training for a marathon. Start by wearing them around the house. Once you are able to walk without teetering, wear them for a few hours a day...before you know if, you will be running laps in your 3" heels!

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Anonymous said...

Fair enough but I am hope my wife does not see this! We are both 5'10" and I am not so sure how comfortable I would feel if she always wore 3 inch heels around the house!