April 9, 2008

changes in business attire

What are the changes in the past 5 years in business attire?

Hi Sandy! Thanks for this question. In my opinion, business attire has taken a sharp turn toward to casual. I believe this is with the invent of the Internet, which brought about more home based businesses - i.e. more casual work environments. We just don't get dressed up in suits for work anymore. What was never acceptable in the workplace 5 years ago - today is commonplace. An example is jeans - it is now acceptable (in most) work environments to wear a pair of dress jeans with a jacket to work. Another example is hosiery. We no longer need to wear panty hose to work (can I get an AMEN!?)...and open toed shoes. Today - there are some great open toed shoes that are perfect for work.

Now - having said all that - all of this depends on the corporate culture of your office, and the industry. Healthcare (for example) is one that is still in the 'suit' phase (i.e. no open toed shoes, must wear hose or socks etc.). Law offices are another example.

So - the best rule of thumb is to look at your companies wardrobe (or attire) policy. And it is best to error on the side of too conservative!

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