September 9, 2008

When makeup isn’t enough…

I went to the Notre Dame game on Saturday…because that is what you do in these parts this time of the year. It was a beautifully perfect football Saturday. To be honest, I don’t care much for football. I don’t even care much about Notre Dame (calm down Irish fans…). I don’t really like to tail gate (kind of over it – too many years of making that a priority – think I’m burned out). But, I do enjoy being with friends – so that is why we went to the game.

Layering was the attire call of the day…tank top, sweater – it was all good.

The one thing I forgot was sunscreen on my nose. To be more specific – the very tip of my nose.

Oh, did I mention where we were sitting? Facing the bright hot sun…for the entire game.

Fast forward – Sunday night. My nose is bright red. I would take a photo and post it here for you to see, but I saw Dr. Phil yesterday. I know that photos online don’t ever go away. And, in case I ever want to run for political office, I don’t want some pic of me with a bright red nose to surface!

Anyway – Rudolph red nose. And I have to go to work…did I mention that the nose is swollen? That it seems that there are some small, yet very painful blister looking things (could be a zit – who knows) there too?

Yes – this is a serious sunburn.

In case you ever wondered, there isn’t enough makeup in the world to cover up a sunburn like this. I decided to do the best I could, and over-do the rest of my attire. Over the top jewelry, crazy bright colored shoes, a belt. I was an accessory nightmare! But, it worked. No one noticed the nose.

Or maybe they were being polite, and just didn’t say anything.

So, what do you do when there isn’t enough makeup in the world to cover the sunburn (or zit)??


Amy said...

I am the fairest of them all and I am always getting sunburns. I have the freckles to prove it. Since I have a history like this, I actually wear one of those moisturizers with a built-in 15 or 30 so I have that on in case I forget. I also started storing a floppy hat in my car for times like this where I forget to bring sunscreen with me. It has saved my face a lot. When you are pale like this, you do all you can to protect yourself! :)

martha said...

I have a tube of Dermablend cover cream for such emergencies. Also Pur Minerals concealing powder does wonders (no pearliness, like the others).