November 5, 2008

Michelle Obama's dress

There are a lot of online controversy about Michelle Obama's dress from last night. I will say, one of my early morning rants today was over her garb.
A little background on the dress: The designer dress is #Narciso Rodriguez , and was part of his Spring 2009 runway collection. The photo above shows the dress as it was on the runway (thanks
Generally, I think Michelle hits the mark with her wardrobe choices...last night, she missed it. I will agree with some critics out there who say the changes that were made to the dress (probably to make it less sexy, more first-ladyish) destroyed the original design intent of the piece - thus changing the style, and ruining the over all look.
I wish #MichelleObama would have called me to dress her for last night's celebration.
What do you think?


Cris Cohen said...

In a way it seemed stylish and in a way it looked like she just finished a paint ball war.

michellewegner said...

I completely agree. When I first saw her in it, I thought she would regret wearing it 5 years from now. :)

Sherry Ingle said...

I thought it lacked class...this was her opportunity to make a first impression as the "first lady"...missed the mark!