November 16, 2008

Q&A - what shape and I and what should I wear?

Question: Hello Kathy, please help me! My bust is about 37 inches, waist 27 and hip 38. My shoulders are average to broad, 37 inches around. I don't consider myself have the shape of an hourglass even though my measurements indicate so. My butt is average, but my hips are quite narrow and my bra size is 32E/30F. I'm 5.7 and weight around 138 pounds. My biggest issues are finding dresses, shirts and tops that hug my waist and give room to my large bust. What body type do you think I have? What styles fits me and what other tops thank tank tops can i wear? I must say that empire cut dresses and tops looks horrible on me, my waist dissapear and I look a little fat. Please give me every öpinion you have on my shape and what I can/shouln't wear :) I'm in great need of some good advice! thanks

Hello! And welcome to Fashion Q&A.

First, I have a lot of experience with someone whose measurements are almost exactly what yours are. I would love to do a complete body, style, and shape analysis for you. If you are in the Michiana area - we could do this face-to-face...or if you live outside Indiana / Michigan - I have an online version. If this would be helpful, drop me a note.

In the meantime, here are some general thoughts:

What body type do you think I have? You definitely have an hourglass shape, or the 'X' shape. Having said that, we hourglass girls tend to lean either triangle or inverted triangle at times. This (generally) is due to what we put on our shoulders...we're not successfully balancing out our shape.

What styles fits me and what other tops thank tank tops can i wear? Empire or Babydoll styles are horrible for this shape (for me, I always look pregnant when I wear anything empire). The thing to remember is to always bring attention to the waist, and the center of your torso. Princess seaming, peplum cut - both would be great for you. When you buy tops / jackets, pick them up and look at the shape of the garment from the back. If the piece of clothing looks like it has a waist (shape), then it will look good on you. Something else to think about is remembering to get things that fit the girls. Sometimes, you will need to cinch in your waist. This can be done with fabric (a stretchy knit) or accessories (belts). Look for shirts and blouses that zip rather than button. Button front shirts (generally) are not your friend.

Cami things. If you wear a cami under a blouse, you can unzip/button a little lower (and still be appropriate for a PTA meeting) - allowing a little extra room for your bustline.

Be sure to balance your bust with bottom pieces. Flowing legs on pants, a-line shirts that are fitted through the belly area - all good for you. Likewise, some of the slimmer pants in today's fashion world - will look amazing on you when paired with the right kind of top (something hip-length, with a v-neck...bringing the attention to your face).

Dresses, wrap will be good for you.

Find a good alteration person. Almost everything in my closet has had some kind of alteration done to it. Many times, a simple $10 alteration makes the world if difference in how something looks. TOTALLY worth it!

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