December 8, 2008

Scarves for a Cause

I was at a friend's store a few weeks ago, and saw these scarves that her daughter made. They were unique, simple, and a great idea.

That gave me the idea to spin off her idea, and create my own...not as a business, but as a fund raiser! I didn't think my friend's daughter would mine allowing me to borrow her idea for a few weeks for a good cause.

For those of you who don't know, we are adopting a little girl from Russia. We've been on this adoption journey for 4 1/2 years to bring her home. I will be traveling to Irkutsk, Russia at the end of the month to see her. This will be my 5th trip to Russia.

I want to do something special for the kids in our little one's group for Christmas. Doing this is going to require not only a few more dollars for gifts and snacks - but extortion money to pay for an extra bag on Aeroflot - which I am sure they will decide is overweight. I estimate this exchange being in the $200 range.

The good news is that if I sell enough, I won't have to bring anything with me. If I can raise enough money, I can hire a catering service to deliver cakes and snacks in Shelechov, and purchase gifts there. To do that, I would have to pay a translator and driver to be with me. Last year, there was a need in the home for new blankets for every child. Wouldn't it be amazing it I was able to raise enough money to purchase a new blanket for every child's bed? I think there are about 100 kids in this orphanage.

And imagine if I raise enough to be able to do something for her orphanage, and the groups that my friends children are in. I am close friends with several other families who are also trying to adopt children from this region in Russia. That is a lot of scarves...lots-o-yarn.

I am calling the scarves Krasivaya Couture. Krasicvaya means 'beautiful' in Russian. the price is $35 is purchased locally, or $40 online (to include shipping etc.). They are very girly - very frilly...I have 2 that I've worn for the past few weeks - and I get tons of compliments.

You can purchase from the following stores in the South Bend, IN area:

  • Nicholas J Salon

  • Verandah - A Shoe Shop

  • Camellia The Makeup Store

  • Spark Design Studio

Or, you can purchase online at: - on this site, you can also see most of the scarves I've made so far. Really, they are very cute - I wouldn't sell junk!

So consider this a selfish promotion - please (said with a begging tone), consider getting a scarf to help our little girl - and the dozens of other orphans who will never have a chance of a life with a real family. I want to challenge you to be a part of something bigger than yourself this holiday season.

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Sherry Ingle said...

What an awesome idea! As an aunt to 4 children adopted from a Haitian orphanage I can sympathize with all the "red tape" you have to go through. I will definately be checking out these lovely scarves !