April 2, 2009

Spring Fashion Trends

I am sick of cold weather. I am tired of wearing turtlenecks, thick socks, boots, warm pants, long puffy coats, hats and gloves. This time of the year, I find that I am becoming irritated with my friends who live in warmer climates, particularly when they cry about how "cold" it is, exclaiming that the 40 and 50 degree temperatures are 'unseasonal.' When I hear that, I about lose my cool!

I daydream about wearing my cutest spring ensembles, even as I look outside at the freezing rain and hear Cari Peugeot in the background talk about possible snow. I simply sigh and then sit down to work. And, ironically, this time of year, my "work" is all about spring clothes. I am conflicted!

So, in an effort to maintain sanity, I thought I would write about spring trends and imagine that I am sitting in the sun on a beach, wearing some of the most adorable new trends in fashion!

The Spring Palates.
This spring, there are two distinct color palates.
One I like to call "The Beach." This palate shows soft hues of grey, blue, lavender, sandy-tan and seashell pink.

The other palate is made up of citrus hues that include bright orange, pink, green and yellow.

The hot color continues to be lavender, mixed with a blush pink and sand dune tan.

Another hot color is lemongrass. It was no mistake that Michelle Obama wore this at the inauguration! This is a very important color this spring! Think you can't wear it? Pair it with chocolate brown or bright pink; just keep a color that looks good on you near your face.


This jacket is from White House / Black Market

Fashion trends continue to be more feminine, so small, subtle details are what to look for. Consider incorporating some bows and ruffles as well. The it look is very polished and sophisticated, with a hint of vintage.

This top is from Flourish Boutique

There is still a distinct preppy, nautical flair to some collections. Stripes and plaid as well as red-white-blue are all still good to wear this spring break!

Must-Haves of the Season.

  • A short sleeve trench
  • A nude color shoe
  • Laser cut lace (this is a heavier lace look and not as delicate as a traditional lace.)
  • A floral print, especially a rose print
  • Anything with a butterfly on it! The butterfly is THE motif of the season.

So, What's Out?
Every season, there are those things that need to be retired from our closets. This season, you might want to donate the following:

Logos galore. Gone are the days when it was cool to wear a designer logo (or name) on your chest and on your booty.

Paisley. The paisley look is so two years ago!

Matchy-matchy outfits. Don't be afraid to mix prints in complimentary hues.

Unstructured tops. This isn't to say that we're not seeing the empire waist and baby-doll tops, but the NEW silhouettes are more figure flattering and a little more form fitting.

Cowboy boots with sundresses. This was a hot trend in springs-gone-by. For now, let's keep that look in the past.

Ultra high-waisted pants. The high waist pant tried to come back. We saw it last fall…and now we're over it. Natural rise is still OK; just don't wear the pants that come half way up your torso.

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