July 27, 2009

Back TO School Fashion Show - kids wanted!

Do You Have a Fashionable Kid?
Then you should know about Goodwill's Fashion Parade!

Goodwill presents Boutique Days Fashion Parade

Date & Time - Saturday, August 22 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Location - Granger Goodwill / 13000 State Road 23 / South Bend, IN 46530 / (574) 968-5018

We’ll have school age models ranging in age from Kindergarten through High School. Each model will be given $15.00 in play money. He / she can then pick out a school outfit that works within that budget.

Participants will arrive at 9:00 am and then have an hour or so to select their outfits - then, we’ll have a fashion show in the store and Kathy will describe each outfit and the cost.

I am looking for kids to participate! Are your kids up for this kind of fun (they get to keep the outfit, and what a great math lesson!). Leave a comment here and let me know you're IN!


Anonymous said...

You know my girls are 100% in! How fun!

Renee Crabtree said...

You can't even imagine the type of outfit Tai would pick!! He'd also become very stage frightened and not walk out. Maybe when Baylee is ready for school ;)

I'll be there to watch, though!

Anonymous said...

its whitney and maddie we are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!