January 23, 2010

New Year's Resolution: Make Over You!

(from the January edition of The Family Magazine)

This time if the year, most of us resolve to do something different. Over the years, I’ve had the best of intentions with the New Year’s Resolution thing. For me, it should be called the ‘New Year’s anti-resolution.” Seems for me, if I resolve it, it doesn’t happen. I am more successful if I simply create a goal and then make a list of things I have to do to get there.

For example: Goal: Get a New Job

Action Steps: Rev up look, invest in interview attire, change tires on car (to get to interviews safely).

Pretty simple, huh?

In talking to my friends, it seems that many New Year’s goals are to fight the frump (or as one friend said, no more schlumpadink), pay attention to my appearance, take time for me and lose 10 lbs.

I want to help you. I want 2010 to be the BEST year in recent memory for you. Here are some simple ways to put some action steps into your New Year Goals.


Looking to rev up your do? Here are some ideas:
  • Change the color slightly – a little lighter or a little darker. Then add some highlights.
  • Consider a new cut. Sometimes getting a fresh perspective from a new stylist might be the key to an all new look for you. Get an opinion from someone that doesn’t know you. Many salons offer a free consultation service.
  • There are a lot of Web sites that allow you to upload a photo of yourself and “try on” a new hair do. Be careful with these sites – you might find yourself falling in love with a style that simply won’t work with your hair. Take it from me, I will never have Faith Hill’s hair. I’ve tried and failed.


Invest in your skin. If you do nothing else for you this New Year, do this. Treating your skin properly with the right cleanser and moisturizer is key to you looking your best. Other thoughts:

  • Throw everything out and start over! Seriously. Makeup has an expiration date, and I will bet that most of what is in your makeup bag is past its prime. Throw it all out and start fresh. Make an appointment with a professional makeup artist to be sure you invest wisely.
  • Ever considered cosmetic dermatology? The great thing about science is that there is a solution for just about everything about your skin that you might not be crazy about. Yes, I will admit that I have had several cosmetic procedures over the years. I’ve always been very pleased with the results and would do it again in a heartbeat!
  • Pay attention to your brows. Ask any professional makeup artist and they will tell you that your eyebrows are quite possibly the most important thing about your face. Poorly shaped brows can give your eyes an unnecessary droop. Correctly shaped and colored brows can give your eyes some pop and give you a more bright, youthful appearance.


Managing your stress is very important in your overall makeover plan. If you get nothing else from this article, please hear me on this point: do what you need to in order to manage your stress. Stress does horrible things to your body, to your health, your skin and your attitude. Being able to get rid of some of the stress and decompress is of immeasurable importance. Here are some ideas on how to do that:
  • Massage. Treat yourself once a month to a good massage. OK, I hear you all saying, “I can’t treat myself to anything.” If that’s the case, then think of this massage as a medication. Now will you get a massage?
  • Yoga or Pilates. Aside from the physical benefits of exercise – these are both great ways to relieve stress.
  • Prioritize a Girl’s Night Out. Put it on your calendar, find a sitter and call your friends. Girl’s Night can be something as simple as meeting at your friend’s house and sharing a glass of wine or as extravagant as weekends away. One of my friends with five kids told me that Facebook is her daily girl-time. She is able to get online at night, after the kids are in bed, and de-stress.


Get to know what looks good on you. Step out of your box! It’s hard to get out of a style rut, so commit yourself to doing something out-of-the-box with one thing every day. Today, maybe it’s incorporating a red shoe with your standard jeans and t-shirt. Tomorrow, maybe you try wearing a scarf. What about showing off a dangle earring with your standard daily track-suit? Be daring. See what works. Note the compliments people offer you in response. Here are some other ideas on building your wardrobe:

  • Stick to the basics that flatter every figure: boot cut jeans, a-line skirts, wrap tops and jackets with princess seaming.
  • Pick a base color (black, brown) and then add in another neutral (maybe white or cream) followed by some color (red, pink). Build your wardrobe around these three colors. It’ll make shopping a lot easier! Once you build the basics, start adding in other colors that build on your basic base and neutral colors.
  • Instead of flip flops, Uggs (that really should be house slippers) or tennis shoes, try a cute flat. There are a ton of great looking flats out there this season at every price point. Simply changing your shoe and adding a necklace to your standard t-shirt and jeans will make you instantly look pulled together and chic. I promise!

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simpledaisy said...

Love the make-overs!!!
I think it's super important to make over your wellness too!!
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