March 15, 2010

The Best Colors for YOU!

Color Me Fashionableas seen in the March edition of Michiana Family Magazine
When it comes to looking our best, there are a lot of things to think about: cut, fit, style, color. Much has been said about color and many questions asked such as, “Am I a fall or a spring”? Although I don’t subscribe to the “people’s skin tone equals a season” school of thought – I do believe that color is a very important component in your overall look.
Color can make you look slimmer, younger and even more energetic. When you wear the right color:

* Your eyes will look bright, and the color will jump off of your face.
* Your skin tone will appear glowing.
* People will compliment you.

Wearing the wrong colors can bring attention to figure flaws:

* You will look tired and drained.
* You will notice wrinkles you may have never seen before, especially around your eyes.* Your teeth may appear yellowed.
* People will tell you that look sleepy or ask you if you are feeling OK.

This is a topic I could write about for months on end. For the sake of space, time and sanity – let’s keep it simple.FIND YOUR GO-TO

Generally speaking, the color of your eyes is a color that will always look good on you. It should be your ‘go-to’ color.


Determine if you look best in warm tones or cool tones. This is simple by looking in a mirror (with no makeup on). Put on a chalk white shirt and then an ivory colored shirt. Which looks best? If the answer is the pure white (silver), then you are probably one that looks best in cool colors. If you look better in the ivory (gold), then lean toward warm tones. Cool colors are blue-based, and warm colors are yellow-based. Keep the tone of your wardrobe in line with the undertones of your skin.


Not everyone needs to dress monochromatically, and some people should step out of their color box and try to mix it up a little. Determining what goes together is very simple.

Monochromatic – Dressing in different tones of the same color is a simple way to match your wardrobe. Try doing this with different patterns and textures in the same color.

Complimentary – Opposite colors are true complimentary colors (look at a color wheel) and will always go together, for example yellow and purple. Just remember to keep the color that is complimentary to your skin tone closest to your face.

Related – Colors that appear next to each other on the color wheel also go together, and are called “analogous”; an example is orange and yellow. This is a much less intense or risky look than wearing complimentary color combinations, but it can still achieve the same level of “wow” because the colors play off one another.

Triad – Choosing three colors that work together can be a daringly bold choice. Doing this in subdued shades is your best option. To decide what colors work together, look at a color wheel. Those colors that are equidistant from one another on the wheel (in thirds) will work together. For example purple, orange and green.

Neutrals – This is the safest way to match. Browns, black, white, ivory and grey.

Still lost on color? There is a great Web site that can help you choose color combinations that work together. Check out Click on the color wheel to choose what color you are trying to match and a palate will appear on the right.

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Are you in Russia on an adoption trip now? If so - lucky, lucky you!!!

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