August 5, 2010

Good Girls don't have to Dress Bad

In my line of work, I try very hard to be authentic. It would be simple to just read every style / fashion book out there, and couple it with the STYLE channel on TV and call myself a stylist. I don't do that. I am very careful that what I say is my own; that the advice I give is from years of experience, hours of training and mind-numbing sessions in the fitting room.

Well, there is a new style / fashion book out there.

When Shari Braendal's new book came out, "GOOD GIRLS DON'T HAVE TO DRESS BAD", I knew I would probably get it. I know Shari - well know her in the way you know people you are friends with on Facebook. We've traded a few notes back and forth; I admire her for many reasons, and am pretty sure she would be my best friend if we met.

The one thing about this book that captured me was the title. I know this is a fashion / style blog - not a faith blog...but for me, one of the reasons I resisted 'church' for much of my life was just this. If I were to be a 'churchy girl' did that mean I had to stop wearing makeup and start wearing guinea sack dresses in a calico print, that went from my collar bone to my ankles? From my perspective, that would mean losing myself. And as much as I was seeking something, seeking God...that was enough to keep me away.

So - the book came in the mail. I've read it (cover to cover) 4 times. Not only is Shari living OUT LOUD what I aspire to be, but her advice and direction is spot-on with what I advise clients.

She talks about more than just clothes and fit. Her book also touches on color, hair, makeup...and the list goes on.

I faithfully read Shari's blog, and have (from time to time - but not very often) disagreed with her opinion...which (by the way) I think is awesome. Fashion and style is an art, therefore those who appreciate it can disagree and STILL love each other at the end of the day. (and Shari, if you are reading this - I do love you, and will be wearing leggings with a skirt or dress when I hunt you down at one of your speaking engagements! ...and I am over 40 *muah!*)

All of this to say - YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK.

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Shari Braendel said...

LOL! Oh Kathy, I think we WOULD be BFF's if we lived closer! And you won't believe this, but I actually bought a pair of leggings and wore them with a tunic and changed my mind about wearing them over the age of 40! You proud of me? See, I'm following YOUR advice now! Thank you for your wonderful review of my book...I appreciate you so much! You read it 4 times? I don't think I've read it that much! LOL! love ya girl, Shari