November 19, 2010

Snapshot into 20 minutes...

Not every day can be fashionably fabulous.  As much as I would like to say that every day is filled with perfectly coiffed hair and an outfit accessorized to the 9's - it just isn't the case.  Take today for example...

6:30am - get daughter ready for school.  Today was Grandparent's Day at school, so I thought it a good idea to wear something nice to school...8 year old daughter didn't completely agree

7:30am - decide that my sore throat hurts too bad to stay awake, take some meds and go back to bed.

10:30am - wake up, realize that sore throat is now a sneezing attack - decide that I need to start praying that I don't get I do.

11:30am - finally get out of bed.  Sneezy, sore throat, headache.  It is going to be a great day.

11:40am - husband (who also works from home) goes to lunch with a buddy (secretly, I am excited about a little quiet time and a cup of tea with honey)

12:10pm - decide to listen to voice mail messages from the exactly the same time, the fire alarm in the house goes off, and it is loud, VERY loud.

12:11pm - the security company calls - I can't remember by code

12:12pm - the alarm is getting louder, and I am pretty sure that my head may explode from the alarm

12:13pm - FINALLY remember my code, but have no idea how to turn the alarm off...I know the lady from the security company is laughing at me.  She walks me through how to turn the alarm off - it doesn't work.

12:14pm - very patient and helpful security company lady and I are still on the phone trying to turn off the alarm...when the phone starts to call 911.  NO...NO..NO!!!

12:15pm - I convince nice security company lady that there is no fire in our home; I am freaking out that the security company guys are on their way, as is the fire department. I really REALLY don't want these men to see me in my PJs.  Now, if there WAS a fire, that would be a different thing. 

12:15pm - security company lady hangs up the phone to try to call in to remotely turn off the alarm.  At the same time, I decide to get on the piano stool and attack the alarm.  I figure that if I can get the battery out of it, maybe it will SHUT UP!  (anyone else see a Friend's episode here...and maybe my name should be Phoebe?)

12:16pm - nice security lady calls me back on my cell phone.  I told her that I tried to kill the alarm in the ceiling, she explains to me that it is hardwired into the security system (oh, that is what all those wires were all about).

12:17pm - we decide that I need to manually dismantle the system from the control panel.  Seems simple enough...if I knew where the control panel was. Security lady tells me where in the basement it is.

12:19pm - heading to basement

12:20pm - the light bulb is out in the basement

12:21pm - found 3 flashlights, head back to basement

12:22pm - all 3 flashlights are not working

12:23pm - decide to head into the dark

12:24pm - cats look at me like I have lost my mind

12:25pm - I remove the battery back up from the control panel, and find the outlet to unplug the security system.  I feel kinda like James Bond...only I am not that cool, I am still wearing my PJs, and with all the drama I haven't been able to find a Kleenex do had to make-do with the sleeve of said PJs.

12:26pm - the alarm is still going off.  Have a nice laugh with the Security Company lady.

12:28pm - I realize that I didn't unplug the right thing from the wall

12:30pm - drama is over

Longest 20 minutes of my life! 

So...I hope today and this weekend is a drama-free, cute shoes filled, and perfect outfit adorned one for you!

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christi said...


I have done the same thing years ago. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the flash back of memories going through the whole alarm thing. Yes I was sick too.