February 16, 2011

When you think of me...

When you think of me, I am sure the things that come to mind don't include "good dancer" or "can cha-cha like no one's business".  Never have I heard anyone introduce me and say something like "Kathy Friend is known to be an excellent dancer, and when she starts the rumba, well, others clear the dance floor".  Nope - never happened.

The truth is I am a master at the"stand in one spot" dance.  Yes, the stand in one spot, don't move your feet and do something wacky with your hands...specifically thumbs.  Every now and then I do a crazy kick - just for emphasis (having thoughts of Elaine from Seinfeld now...oh no!).

So then, I ask you - fine fashiony friends - WHY IN THE WORLD would I agree to dance.  In front of people.  A LOT of people. AND be video taped doing it.  There is even a slight possibility that the dancing could be televised.

Furthermore, why (again, my fashionista fab pals) would I agree to dress in some crazy dancing garb?  You girls know me, I am pretty modest when it comes to how I dress.  Have you seen what those girlies wear?  I mean, I KNOW I do not look like them.  I am over 40!  What the?????

Well, the reason is homelessness.  There is a real problem in our country - and in our community with homelessness.  The Center for the Homeless in our community is one of THE BEST facilities of its kind in the world.  I don't say that lightly, it is the truth. Every organization I am involved with has some connection to the CFH...not kidding.  Junior League, Good Sheppard Montessori School, my church Granger Community Church.  Even when I worked here (a hundred years ago) I volunteered at the center once a week. Then there are the scores of friends (some of their pictures are on this blog post) who have close ties to the Center.

For me, caring about the Center is part of being a part of my Community.  It is, because it IS.

The Center cares.  They educate.  They provide safety, shelter and food.  The Center is changing lives. Every time I see God's hand in an inner-city work that is really REALLY changing lives, I sit up and take notice. 

So when I got a call to help with a fundraiser, I was excited.  I almost said yes before I thought about it...then I thought about it.

Here it is people....

I will be one of the 'Dancing With Our Stars' 2011 Miracle Auction for the Center for the Homeless this year.  The event will be in April.

(deep breath)

If you feel so inclined to follow my journey, I'll be blogging about it here.  The fashionable moves, the graceful ones...and the not so fashionable or graceful ones. Come on this journey with me.  I am sure you will be in for a good laugh...and maybe be moved to support me with your votes.  This is a contest ya know!

Of course I will be accepting your donations of ice packs, Advil, massage appointments, and knee braces.

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Verandah Shoe Shop said...

LOVE THIS!!! You'll do awesome!!! You have my vote, and Verandah's! :)