March 8, 2011

BIG NEWS #1 - WFRN Radio

On Monday I talked about some BIG NEWS. Well, over the coming days, I will be letting you in on all the scoop.

Today - I am ready to share some BIG NEWS...hold on to your hats...or seats...or really cute shoes.

Starting this Friday, March 11, at about 8:30am until about 9am - I will be making my debut on WFRN Radio on the Doug and Vincy Morning Show.  Assuming I don't do anything too stupid, and assuming that you all love me on the radio, appreciate some fashion tips, and assuming that you call in or interact on the Facebook page with me...I just might be a Friday morning regular!  Not sure what I am considered...Guest Fashion Expert? Special Guest? Doug said that I am Vincy's Reward For Putting Up With him In A Small Room For 4 1/2 Years - Bwahahahahaha! 

One thing is for sure, you will laugh until you cry when you tune in on Friday morning!

Yes, it is true - I get to share WHY I think it is important as a Christian to REALLY consider wardrobe.  I truly believe that a woman who feels good about herself, who is showing her best 'self' to the world is a better mother, better wife, better employee and better child and representative of God.  Pinch me now...I get to tell thousands of women that on the radio!

I'll also get to talk trends and shoes with my soon-to-be soul sistah, Vincy and who knows, we might even give Doug some tips on being a snappy dresser! ...and YES, I just said SNAPPY!

The best part of this is that those of you who don't live in an area that gets WFRN will be able to listen in online - how AWESOME is that?  I think it is PRAISE GOD AWESOME!

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Anonymous said...

Kathy, congratulations! Wish I was in an area to hear you. When I was selling Doncaster I had a difficult time with the idea that I was trying to get women to spend a lot of money on beautiful clothes when so many people were having tough times. However, you are right on it when you discuss why we should dress well. We are better wives, mothers, co-workers. Our self-esteem is worth whatever dollars we can afford to spend on looking good.

I needed to be talking with you regularly with that boost of knowledge you share with others. I wouldn't have felt so bad about it.

Glad to have you as part of my life, even though we have never met face-to-face.

Valerie from Valdosta