April 19, 2011

Big Announcement #6 - Spring Makeup Update?

 It's that time of year, isn't it.  That time when our skin changes seasons, and NOTHING that we put on it seems to be working.  If you are like me, I keep piling more and more on; trying this potion and that mask in an effort to get the look I want.

Stop the madness my fashioney friends! 

Call the experts at Camellia Cosmetics and schedule a Spring Trend Makeup Update!

When you call and make an appointment for a SPRING TREND MAKEUP UPDATE, and mention that I told you to call (or mention the Center for the Homeless), the $39 that you will pay for the makeup lesson will be a donation to the Center in the form of a vote for me in the 2011 Dancing With Our Stars Miracle Auction!

Here is the fine print:

Spring Trend Update - Makeup Lesson. $40 value.
100% of your $39 fee goes directly to the Center for the Homeless. Call to book your professional makeup lesson today! 574-243-1730

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