November 30, 2011

saving for the holidays

Every year about this time, I tighten my belt...not because of an eating situation, but rather because of a budget situation.

Christmas always sneaks up on me.  I make a list of everyone I want to get something for...all those people that I love and care about; those people I want to say "thanks" to, those individuals who have made an impact on my life and business over the past year...and the list is long.

Times like this, I really wish I was crafty like my friend Amy Clark. That girl is amazing!  Not only do I not have the skills to be crafty like she is, I don't have the time or imagination to do something like that.  

This year, I decided to cut out manicures and pedicures.

Admitedly I don't get a ton of manis and pedis...probably more in the summer than in the winter. Generally when I get my nails done I am bummed because they don't look perfect.

If you see me out and about, please don't look too close at my hands.  I am not good at the painting of said nails. And from the looks of these pics, I'm not real talented in the area of filing evenly either.

And as for the pedicure...let's just say I want to keep you as a reader, so I decided not to post pics of that - ewwwwww!

Now...I know this isn't going to be that be-all end-all thing that will make my Christmas list come alive with perfect gifts, but it is a start.

[OPI nail polish in "We'll Always Have Paris"]

I also decided to sell some clothes.  I had piles of things I wasn't wearing, and things my daughter had outgrown. 

So I took my things to Clothes Mentor and my daughters things to Once Upon a Child.  The thing I like the most about these places is that they pay you on the spot for your things.  You don't have to wait 30 / 60 / 90 days to get your cash...IF your things sell. Before I went in, I decided that I would be happy if I made $100 from my old stuff.  Well, I made nearly $175! 

...maybe I have enough money now to go get a manicure; thinking I should look into selling plasma.

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