December 17, 2011

Holiday Fashion Don't

Last weekend I shared some ideas on what to wear on WSBT, and this week we talked about holiday attire for parties on WFRN.  I thought I'd combine the two conversations for you here on the blog...first, let's talk about what NOT to wear! 

There are some hard and fast rules about what you shouldn't wear to your company holiday gathering.  As a gentle reminder:

  1. No Santa outfits!  Nothing in red, white fur with a black belt.  This rule also includes not dressing up as an Elf. Unless, of course, you are dressing up as Santa for the kids or one of his helpers at the mall. 
2.  No Santa Ties or Socks.  Now, I know MANY of you out there LOVE your Santa, Tree, Wreath, Rudolf icon emblazoned attire...but let me tell you - you are the only one who thinks it is cute. On the socks, wearing the bright red with the tree version goes against fashion rule #1 for footwear..."socks should match your pants!".  On the ties - ladies, feel free to chime in here - yes, we love to see our men dressed up and looking perfectly polished for our Christmas gatherings...but the second he puts on that holiday tie, the entire mood is gone! Ladies, and I right? 

3.  No "Ugly” applique sweaters (unless, of course it is an Ugly Sweater themed party).  I mean, look how great this gentleman looks in his poinsettia vest! Don't we all want to look just as fashionable and dapper this holiday season?

4.  Mistletoe is not an accessory.  I've seen mistletoe worn in some CRAZY ways...the truth is - it makes other people at your holiday party uncomfortable.  There are other, more subtle and classy ways, to get a smooch on Christmas this year.

5.  Don't dress in shimmer or sequins head to toe.  Too much of a good thing makes you look a little bit like a Christmas tree (i.e. decorated!).  A little shimmer is THE BEST way to wear this holiday favorite.

    6.  Don’t defer to your favorite night-club outfit for the office holiday party.  This might be the BIGGEST Holiday Fashion Don't!  Just remember you STILL have to go back to work on Monday morning...and do you really want all your co-workers to remember (and talk about) what you wore to the Christmas Party for the next 12 months?


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