January 10, 2012

The Baker's Dozen Thirteen Ways To Look Thinner…Now!

I’m like you. I’ve been searching for that quick fix to instantly lose the extra pounds I seem to pick up every winter. I’m ashamed to admit how many crazy things I’ve tried. I wish I could offer a quick tip on how to lose 10 pounds, tell you something I’ve tested that worked like a charm. I can’t give you that, but I do have some ideas on how to look like you’ve already lost 10 pounds!

  1. Give Your Hairstyle Some Height  - Looking a bit taller will always make you look thinner. 
  2. Break Out Those High Heels -My rule of thumb is that for every inch you can get on your heel, you will look five pounds thinner. Keep in mind that this is my own theory and has never been scientifically tested – but I promise it works. The smartest height is 2 ½" to 3". I’ve just given you permission to shoe shop! 
  3. No Form-Fitting Styles -When your clothes are a little too tight, you don’t feel your best. The best, most flattering fit will be something that gently skims your silhouette
  4. Nothing Too Loose - Remember this: extra fabric = bulk. Bulk = fat. So, if you are wearing something that is too big for you, or is very voluminous, you will look heavier. A smarter decision is to wear something with a princess (or peplum) cut. 
  5. Try a Few Layers - A cardigan buttoned just in the middle (don’t button the top or the bottom two buttons) will create an hourglass silhouette. This over a fitted tee is always flattering. 
  6. Find the Right Undergarments -Properly fitting undergarments will allow your clothing to look smoother, also making you look thinner. Be sure that your bra is the proper size and is correctly “lifting” things. That “lift” will elongate your torso and will shave off the pounds. Of course, Spanx or similar compression undergarments can help you instantly look thinner (see below for some other tips on undergarments)
  7. Bring Attention to Your Small Waist - Even if you’ve gained some weight, chances are that the measurement of your natural waist is still the smallest. Let’s bring attention there with styles that have an empire waist (styles that hit at your natural waistline).
  8. Be Sure You Choose Fabric Wisely -For the time being, steer clear of silky fabrics. They tend to be clingy. Wear something that is more substantial. A mid-weight fabric that has some drape is the best choice. 
  9. Wear Darker Colors -Dressing in darker colors will not only make you feel better, but darker hues are slimming. Choose looks that are monochromatic (all one color or tone). 
  10. Watch That Color Break - In other words, be mindful of where you have a color break (contrast between colors). For example, if you wear black pants with a grey top, where the top hits your pants is where you are bringing attention, probably at your hipline. Is that where you want people to be looking? To avoid this, throw on a longer black sweater or jacket; you’ve now created a column with the black pieces, which is more slimming.
  11. Carry an Oversized Handbag- Sounds too good to be true, I know, but proportion can play tricks on the eye. Choose a shape that flatters (square shapes complement a rounder figure) and a strap length that doesn’t land in a problem area (don’t let the bottom of the purse rest on full hips). Be careful of proportion here. If you are petite, don’t let your handbag get too big; it will look like a duffle bag! Keep the proportion of your handbag in line with your stature.
  12. Focus on What You Like - Every woman has a feature they know works for her. Instead of always focusing on covering up what you don’t like, flaunt what you do like. For example, a sleeveless dress will make everyone notice your awesome arms; a shorter-length skirt will draw attention to your great legs. A deep V-neck top will show off your beautiful long neck.
  13. Accessorize - Accessories are a great tool to use to your advantage. Use accessories (scarves, earrings, necklaces) to draw attention away from problem areas. The thing to keep in mind is to be sure that the size of the accessory is in line with your stature. One of the most common fashion faux pas is a tiny earring on a larger lady, or a big, billowy scarf on a petite woman.
Did you know
  • Compression garments come in a variety of styles. You can “compress” everything from your ribcage past your knees. There are even styles for men
  • Some Hollywood elite double Spanx. They wear the Spanx pantyhose and then the regular Spanx over the top.
  • Target carries a brand of Spanx that is less expensive. It’s true! It’s made by the same designer, but is just repackaged for Target. The Target brand (Assets) doesn’t have the variety you can find on Spanx.com, but it’s a great way to give a compression garment a try for a special event.
This article appears in the January 2012 issue of The Family Magazine of Michiana

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Daily Fashionist said...

Great tips. Anyone who wants to look thinner must always dress according to their body shape and dress up for themselves, not to please others.

Samatha @ Calvin Klein designer said...

The first four tips are proven and tested. My weight is 51lbs but every time I wear slim fit dresses seems like I only weigh 40!

HeatherCurleeNovak said...

Oh Kathy, great tips. I still owe my new way of thinking (And thinner look) to YOUR expertise. HOURGLASS! I finally even got the skinny belt to work for me with my cardigan & t-shirt uniform.