August 14, 2012

Back To School Trends The 80’s are back!

(from the August edition of The Family Magazine)

The old saying ‘what goes around comes around’ is more than a saying in the world of fashion.  The truth about trends is that most are reincarnations of things we’ve seen somewhere in the past.  Some bring back memories that we wish would have stayed in the past. 

For some of us the 80’s were a great time of hair bands, college friends and living life to its fullest.  For others, the 80’s were a tragic exercise of bad music, crazy clothes and an over obsessed generation of head bangers. 

Whatever your feelings on the subject, the bottom line is that the 80‘s is back in the world of fashion – especially in the world of “back to school” 2012!

Here are some things to be on the lookout for if you have a fashion –maven in the making within your household:

Remember the neon of the 80’s?  It came back this summer, and if following us into fall. 
LOVE IT: neon denim, shoes and sweaters.
CAN’T DECIDE: Try neon in small doses.  Maybe in a Chuck Talylor type tennis shoe or a handbag.

We all did this in the 80’s.  We got a pair of jeans and bleached them.  Problem with our “home method” was that we then smelled like bleach for weeks. 
LOVE IT: Over distressed and bleached denim will be all the rage this fall
CAN’T DECIDE: Skip the jeans and opt for a bleached jean jacket
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Big shoulders
Big shoulders always make me think of the days of Dynasty and Dallas…and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you are probably under 35!
LOVE IT: Layer up your shoulder pads! Be sure to get some that you can add into every shirt and jacket.
CAN’T DECIDE: the good news is that shoulder pads have been making a come back for several seasons…and you probably didn’t even notice!

Stacks of bangle bracelets
Ahhh the memories of Madonna during her material girl days. 
LOVE IT: mixing textures and colors will be a key way to be on trend with this look.
CAN’T DECIDE: try a simple stack of maybe 3 at first. Trust me, this trend will grow on you and you will soon be stacking on the bracelets up to your elbows!
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Granny boots
CONFESION: I loved my 80’s granny boots and wore them with everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING!  I am very happy they are back!
LOVE IT: Get a few pair with varying hardware.  Maybe a black pair with strong military details and a chunky heel…then add a brown pair with a slim heel, more feminine.
CAN’T DECIDE: all of the discount shoe stores will have a variety of this style in the Fall.  Try

Boat shoes
When I say Sperry Topsider, what do you think?  I remember a time in the 80’s I fondly remember as the ‘gator bowl’.  No, not a football event, but rather a ‘preppy’ contest between me and a few girlfriends.  Boat shoes were key to this middle-school event. Boat shoes of all colors!
LOVE IT: There are some of the cutest boat shoes I’ve seen out at the stores this season. Everything from a dressy metallic to a sporty tartan. Be sure to pick up a pair in your teams colors!
CAN’T DECIDE: this trend is one that you can be safe in trying.  I promise it’ll work well for you!  Especially at those times a tennis shoe is appropriate, but you just aren’t in the mood for an athletic shoe.

Boyfriend jackets
A boyfriend jacket is simply an oversize unstructured blazer.  I have many photos (that should be burned) of me and my girlfriends proudly wearing the boyfriend jackets with our granny boots and miniskirts. Yes, we thought we were amazing…Big hair and all!
LOVE IT: Then bring on the pins! The best way to don your boyfriend jacket this season will be to accessorize it with a plethora of pins and brooches a la 80’s style.
CAN’T DECIDE: Go basic with black or grey. There are some styles that have a bit more structure. 
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Super skinnies
The super skinny is here to stay.  This season if you want to embrace all that is 80’s then do it with a granny boot and a boyfriend jacket.
LOVE IT: Bring on the skinnies in hot neon colors!
CAN’T DECIDE: If you aren’t sure the skinny jean trend is for you then skip it!  This trend brings a lot of attention to your bottom ½ of your silhouette.  
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