September 24, 2012

Avoid Mom Frump

A checkup on your style, bod and hair, makeup regime
(from the September edition of The Family Magazine)

It happened.  My daughter told me she was embarrassed by what I was wearing. 

My “little one” is 10 now.  And she is confident she can walk to the school bus stop in the mornings by herself.  Being the 007 type mom that I am, I allow her to THINK she is walking alone, when in reality I am stalking behind bushes and cars, watching her cross the street and wait for the bus.

The other day, as I was doing my morning sleuth detail, I noticed she was crossing the road alone.  A big NO-NO in our house.  I compromised my undercover antics and went to the bus stop to tell her it would be a good idea for her to wait and cross with other kids. The look on her face as I approached the bus stop was one of horror. Under her breath she says to me “please go away, your clothes are embarrassing”.

I look down to see what she could be embarrassed about. Gee, I have no idea what was so embarrassing…red workout pants with a red and black sweatshirt. OK, maybe my hair was a bit out of control, and maybe my glasses were half way down my nose. My darling daughter went on to inform me (and I quote) “you don’t wear sweatshirts like that, you look ridiculous.”

She was right. I did.

This exchange got me to thinking. Our kids DO pay attention to what we are wearing. Being a Mom who works from home, there are days it is hard to pull myself together and be presentable. I can COMPLETELY understand falling into the dreaded ‘mommy style rut’ (also known as the mom-frump).

Now that the kids are back to school and you have a little time to yourself (and even if you don’t…make time!) I would like to challenge you to take a pulse on your style, your bod and your hair and skin care regime. 

STEP 1 - Determine your Style Personality:
As you consider who you are, each day remember “I am a ___________ (fill in the blank)”.  Each day remember ‘who you are’ and don’t waiver.  This will make shopping (from your closet and the store) much easier.

SUPER MOM – this mom loves trends. She has no trouble mixing new trends in with her jeans from years ago. She loves big bold jewelry and seems to stand out in a crowd because she knows what to wear and how to wear it. 

GLAM MOM – this mom gets noticed for her sense of style. She wears colors, textures and patterns that you would never think to put together…but for some reason, they look great on her. She might love shopping at thrift stores or consignment shops because of the one-of-a-kind finds. 

SASSY MOM – this mom lives in natural fabrics like cotton.  She will always wear a t-shirt and jeans, and might get a hive if you ask her to wear a dress and heels. Comfort is the key for a Sassy Mom! 

CLASSIC MOM – this mom loves tradition. She loves brands like Kate Spade, and feels most comfortable in jeans and a sweater set.

STEP 2 – Determine Your Bod
Take a real look at yourself in the mirror.  Get a tape measure out if need be. Determine what your real figure challenges are and disguise them with clothing.
THICK MIDDLE: Remember, extra-long necklaces create a leaner line on your entire top half, resulting in a slimmer look. Why not buy one long chain and lots of pendants for variety?
When jacket shopping, you can create the illusion of a waist with a curved shape or a belted back. Also look for seaming on jackets to give a soft silhouette. 
HIPS and THIGHS: Brave enough to bare more? Try a swimsuit with a high-cut brief or bottom will give the illusion of longer (and therefore slimmer) legs.
A boat neck tee creates a horizontal line and broadens your shoulders, making yours hips look more narrow.
BUSTLINE: Scoop neck tees with their deep, wide neckline work to “break up” an ample chest area.

STEP 3 – Let Your Hair and Skin Care Check
As a Mom, I know that hair and makeup are 2 of those ‘maintenance’ things that get pushed to the wayside.  One mom said to me “heck, be happy I used soap today”…ok, I got it.  We have no time.  But, why not?  MAKE TIME!

Making a few small changes can add up to big visual changes (i.e. compliment…maybe even from your kids!). 

HAIR – make sure your hairstyle compliments the shape of your face. Determine the shape of your face by measuring  across the top of your cheekbones (corner of your eye to the other corner of your eye). Then measure across the bridge of your nose. Then your forehead at the widest point. And finally your jawline. These numbers will tell you what shape your face is:
               Oval – any hairstyle looks great on you. Be sure to keep the color close to your natural hue
Square – the best for you is one with movement.  A soft cut is best, drawing attention to your cheekbones.
Round – Straight styles work best for you. An off-center part is also best.
Heart – Bob haircuts were made for your features! Make sure your hair is no longer then your chin. This will
help to create balance.
MAKEUP – be sure to use products that are for your kind of skin.  Your skin care regime (face wash, toner, moisturizer) should be the same brand. They were made to work together…so let them! The way to tell if you are using the right kind of skin products is simple.  Wash your face, rinse and pat dry.  Wait about an hour and see how your skin feels. Don’t put on any toner, moisturizer or makeup during this time. Does your face feel tight? You probably need more moisture in your skin care regime.  Get out a tissue, it press on your cheeks and forehead. Do you see oil on the tissue?  Then you need something to help counterbalance the oil in your skin. If after the hour your skin doesn’t feel tight and there is no oil on the tissue, chances are you have normal skin.

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