June 21, 2013

The Short Story

(from the June issues of Sassy Magazine)

For years, we were told that shorts were too casual for 9-5…until this year. 

Shorts are a huge trend this season.  Shorts of all varieties: short shorts, denim shorts, walking shorts, short suits. I have long believed that I just don’t look good in shorts.  I am more of a skirt person. This season, I have changed my mind. And yes, if that makes me a slave to fashion, so be it. 

But, can anyone wear shorts? The fast answer is yes! But, of course, it is important to know how they should fit, and the right style for your body shape. 

In trying to get shorts just right, the consider fit – both vertically and horizontally.  Let’s first chat about the horizontal fit.  If your shorts have side pockets, the pockets should lie flat on your hip.  The bottom line on this is: be sure they aren’t too tight! The shorts should be loose around your hip, and not bind at your midsection. Likewise, the leg opening should be ample for your leg. These fit components are key in making sure your shorts look “I’m ready for a glass of Pino Grigio” rather than “take me out to the ball game

Next, a few words about the vertical fit; many times we will put on shorts and think “ewwww”.  The reason might very well be the length.  If the length is a wee too short…ewwww. Or, if the length is a smidge too long…ewwwww. There are 3 places shorts should hit your leg: fingertip (when your arms are at your side, the point where your fingertips hit your leg (mid-thigh), at the bottom on your hamstring - where your leg naturally is the thinnest (shorty shorts), or an inch above your knee cap (walking shorts).

Will look good on everyone.  This style hits at the bottom of your thigh muscle, at the thinnest part of your upper leg…thus making your leg look slim. This is a great style to try in a print.

This mid-waisted classic is something perhaps our mothers had (or have!) in her closet.  But that’s OK…because this wardrobe staple is a classic. This style looks the best on someone who wants to camouflage their upper leg. They key to making this style look sophisticated is the shoe.  Wearing a higher heel (like a wedge or platform) will elongate your leg and make the proportion of the longer shorts look perfect! Think of this style as a pant alternative for summer.  Paid your bermudas back with your favorite summer blazer and look like you’ve walked off the cover of a fashion mag! 

Short shorts look best on petite frames (i.e. under 5’3”).  That is, of course, unless you haven’t yet celebrated your 30th birthday!  If youth is on your side, then you can pull off this look in a big way!
This style can have a very youthful vibe; to keep it age appropriate, make sure the proportion is in line with your stature. This is a fun style to try in a bold color like a neon or even in a super casual fabric like linen or denim.

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