August 20, 2013

Fall 2013 Trends…get a little new fashion now

(from Sassy Magazine)

Early Season Trend Report

It’s that time of year again, the season change, our closets change, and our hankering for a few new things in our wardrobe goes up a notch! Here are a few quick ideas how to start feeling trendy as we transition into fall. Here is a glimpse into what to be on the lookout for as we transition into fall.

For fall 2013, prints go back to basic. Hounds tooth, plaid, pinstripe, leopard all make a bold entrance into boutiques and malls. The IT pattern this season will be hounds tooth. This pattern will be seen in many color combinations. Noteworthy tip: many of these prints have a distinct menswear feel. Try to shy away from wearing these prints as structured office pieces, but rather choose a menswear print with feminine details.

This pattern trend has a very Americana feel – think Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry.
To contrast the masculine feel of hounds tooth, polka dots will be seen, and look super cool in a contrast color next to the neutral menswear feel of the season’s other masculine-feel prints.
Mixing this season is about hard and soft pieces and mixing pattern and texture (like in Spring/Summer).

HOW TO WEAR IT: To balance the masculine feel to prints is a strong screen print feel to bold patterns. Look for this in shirtdresses and blouses.

Mixing solid colors to create color blocked looks was seen on a lot on runways during fashion week. Try the color blocked look with one unexpected color, like Koi or Vivacious (see colors).

Kermit might think it is not easy being green, but I think we’ve all come to love Emerald and all hues of green this summer. If you’ve embraced and come to depend on those greenish hues in your wardrobe, fear not my green loving friends, it’s back – or rather it’s here to stay! The difference between the spring/summer greens and the fall/winter greens is simply in saturation. The cold weather greens will be – well, more green. Darker warmer tones rule fashion this season.

Listen up! Grey is the new black! Let’s be honest, grey has been the new black for a few seasons now. Grey paired with hot green hues is a fresh take on an old favorite combo.

Another key look this summer was monochromatic white…we are seeing that again only done in a cold weather way with winter white.

Red is a popular hue this season as well (we are calling this color Samba). The monochromatic feel in all red is very chic.

Blue is an important color this season too, and honestly – this season’s blue looks good on everyone! Bright cobalt blue that Pantone has named Mykonos Blue.

HOW TO WEAR IT:  First, know what colors look good on you. This season many of the hues have distinct undertones that may not be the best on everyone. The blue trend we’ve seen on the runway is one that everyone can run with. The blue-greens are also hues that will be good on all skin tones. If you are one to love monochromatic dressing, and are a black-addict – try moving to deep lichen green as a neutral. This grey-based dark green can have more of a black look to it, and will be a good transition for those trying to add some color into their wardrobes.

The boot/sandal hybrid will be making a bold statement in early autumn. Once the weather gets too cold to show your toes, just pull on a tight with this statement look.

A pointed toe is key this season in footwear. Out with those rounded toed pumps, and in with the leg elongating pointed toe stiletto. Many heels have a 1940’s uber chic feel.

We are seeing a lug sole on everything! This look has a rugged, masculine feel, and will be a big trend as the weather gets cold. Along this same notion, heavy heeled shoes will be popular as well.

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