October 18, 2013

A Masquarade Ball

When I moved my headquarters south of Indianapolis, I moved to a community where I knew (just about) no one. This didn't really bother me because I like to think I am outgoing, kind and make friends easily.  I mean, my last name is FRIEND!

Several months into the transition to my new space, I realized that maybe I don't make friends easily.  Or perhaps the truth is...most people my age are at work in an office or with kids during the day when I am out trying to make friends. Woe is me!

I also realized I was very used to rubbing elbows with others who also worked in the fashion industry. The language I use might be a little much for the average part-time gal at The Gap. She might not want to yadda yadda on for 1/2 hour about trends and how we are going to wear THE latest thing.

Again, whoa is me.

Then I moseyed into a cute little boutique I heard about at a Chamber meeting (yes, I was even going to Chamber meetings trying to meet people). The owner happened to be there, and so I did my typical "shop talk". To my utter amazement, not only did she welcome my witty fashion banter but it seemed she and I were cut from the same cloth! Enter....my first friend in this new community.

The beautiful, kind, smart, fashionable and sassy Dana from DD Decor has introduced me to so many people, and allowed me to be a part of some of the communities big fashion show events.

I will be hanging out with my friend Dana, talking shop on October 24th at her boutique.  DD Decor is located in Renwick in Bloomington, IN.  We will be helping women find the perfect outfit for the Hospital Ball.  Stop in, won't you?

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