September 30, 2014

Allison & Ivy - a great jewlery line!

I love a surprise.  Especially a surprise of jewelry! The amazing people at Alison & Ivy sent me the most gorgeous necklace!    Alison & Ivy manufactures the highest quality personalized jewelry in America. They are known for monogrammed jewelry (pendants, rings, earrings), but offer so much more.

The best part? All product is proudly made in the USA, and its headquarters is in Chicago!

They even offer a Greek collection.  I ask you - where was Allison & Ivy when I was in college and in a sorority? 

One of my struggles is what to get for my sporty-daughter.  I want to get her jewelry, but know she just won't wear it.  Well...I think I found a great compromise!

See what this generous company sent to me?  I  know - you're jealous!  Do me a favor, head over to the Alison & Ivy website and browse around. You will be glad you did!

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