February 2, 2015

TOO MANY BAD HAIR DAYS? …it’s time for a change!

Having issues with your hair?  ME TOO!  Ugh, seems this time of year my hair is in a tizzy.

In the February issue of Sassy Magazine, I give some tips on what to do what that hair! 

 Maybe it’s time for you to rev up your look. According to master stylist Kerri Spencer (owner of Kerri’s AvenueSalon in Granger, IN), “One thing that can quickly date your look is your hairstyle.  You can easily look 10 years younger with an updated hairstyle.  This is why we suggest changing your style, even slightly, every year.”

When choosing the best haircut, consider your face shape.  Kerri says, “The most important thing about your hair cut is to make sure it fits your face, draws attention to your best features, and minimizes flaws.  The goal is to get to a balanced oval shape.” 

ROUND FACE:  If you have a round face, consider a hairstyle with varying lengths and angles. Straight styles also work very nicely for you.  Try something with a side part and a side-swept bang. Remember to keep some fullness on the top to create balance.

Best cut: a shaggy or angled bob

·         Center parts
·         Fullness on the sides

OVAL FACE:  If you have an oval face, most hairstyles will look good on you.  Bangs are a must. Depending on your style and age, try a side swept bang or a blunt bang.  Soft waves can work nicely for you to add volume at the sides.

Best cut: shoulder length (or longer) bob with slight bang and fullness on the sides

·         No bangs
·         Straight severe styles

SQUARE FACE:  If you have a square face, the goal with your hair is to create some softness with curls and waves. You will want to pay particular attention to the crown to be sure you are adding volume. This will create a nice balance. Short and medium length hair styles are the best for you.

Best cut: a shoulder length tousled shag

·         Styles that end at your chin
·         Super straight hair

HEART FACE:  If you have a heart shaped face, styles that hit at the neck/chin add volume to the bottom portion of your face creating a beautiful balance. Long styles are also great for you. Choose a style that will have varying layers around your face, with one layer hitting near your ears / nose, and the other at your chin.

Best cut: longer styles with multi layers around the face

·         Styles that have a lot of height at the crown
·         Straight styles with no layers

When it comes to color it is easy to make a mistake or get stuck in a rut.  Kerri Spencer, master stylist, says, “As a general rule, you should keep some of your natural color peeking through somewhere.”

To find the perfect color, consider your skin tone. Determine the underlying tones in your skin by using color swatches; silver or blue for cool, and gold or yellow for warm.  Place these on the face/neck and see what is the most flattering to your skin tone.  Pay attention to increased ruddyness, wrinkles, or darkness under your eyes. Those are the tones you should avoid in your hair color.  Be sure to do this wearing no makeup (or very little) and in an area that is well lit with natural lighting. Outside on a sunny day is best.  Another trick is to look at the underside of your wrists in sunlight.  If you see more blue you are a cool.  If you see more green/yellow you are a warm.

Best for Cool tones: Choose a shade with some warmth like golden blonde, orange-red, honey light brown or chocolate brunette

Best for Warm tones:  Cooler hair tones will be beautiful on you. Try ash brown, beige blonde, champagne light blonde, auburn red or dark espresso brown

Whatever you decide to do to add some sass to your hair this year, remember that you are beautiful!   Don’t try to get the exact hairstyle of that red-carpet celebrity or something like your best friend. Your own kind of beautiful is always the best choice.

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