March 14, 2015

For TRENDY sake! What to wear, and would you dare?

Trends this spring have a personality all of their own.  It seems the past few years trends have lacked punch, wow, zing…or personality. This season the designers and trend setters have more than made up for a lackluster past few years.  

Trend:  Bohemian Glam.  Think 60's and 70’s flower child, soft silhouettes, baby doll dresses. Within this trend we are seeing a lot of wild floral prints.  The key note to remember here is “go big and bold”, or “go home”!  The new silhouette falls into this category too – long over long! 

To Wear:  The easy breezy feel of this style certainly isn’t for everyone and doesn’t fit into everyone’s lifestyle. Having said that, I think we can all agree that a good maxi skirt or dress will work effortlessly into anyone’s wardrobe. Do it! 

Would you Dare: The new silhouette is HOT!  Long sweater with a wide-leg trouser or a long (ankle skimming) skirt with a long (past the knee) jacket. Would you? This look can be a bit overwhelming, so be sure to balance it with sky high shoes and a body-con top.

Trend: America The Beautiful.  – Think tablecloth floral reinvented into your favorite summer sheath.  Key pieces are shirt dresses, polo-style shirts, and lots of denim! Within this trend we are seeing overalls.  Yes ladies, you read that right – overalls!

The stand out detail in this trend is in print – gingham. Gingham…it isn’t for just picnics anymore! This check print you are going to see remixed against itself and translated into everything from shoes to handbags, tops, pants and more! 

To Wear:  Trade in your white blouse for a white polo shirt this spring. Pair it with your suiting pieces to give a slight casual edge to your look. 

Would you Dare:  Mixing gingham against another gingham piece or with another strong patterned piece is a style element seen on the runways.  Would you do a gingham pant or skirt with a star motif sweater or t-shirt?  This bold statement isn’t for the faint of heart, or for someone who doesn’t want to attract attention. However for those that love a little spotlight, give it a go!

Trend: Speaking of Denim.  Denim is everywhere, and I do mean everywhere! Denim is in dresses, skirts, shoes, handbags, vests, and even bathing suits.  This season, I take back everything I’ve ever said about not matching denim.  According to fashion trend setters, NOW is the time to be matchy matchy with your denim pieces. 

To Wear: My gut tells me this trend is one that won’t be sustainable, so consider adding in a pop of denim with accessories to capture the trend;  a shoulder bag with denim accents, or maybe a sandal that sports some denim fabric. 

Would You Dare:  A denim skirt with matching denim button-up? Or maybe a denim suit? If you are considering going all out monochromatic with denim this season, be sure to balance all that blue with bold accessory pieces.

Trend: Disco Fever: In looking through some of the runway looks for spring, it feels like the fashion houses were preparing for Woodstock or Studio 54.  Peasant tops, prairie skirts, bell bottoms, wide collars, fringe and tassels.  More conservative pieces harken back to the Brady Bunch and Partridge Family looks, while others seem to capture an edgy pre-hairband vibe. Mega Platform shoes and lace up to the knee gladiator style sandals are being seen with cut offs and midriff baring tops. Alongside these pieces look for tons of embellishment.

Last year we saw leather in spring trends, so it's no surprise we're seeing suede this year. The pieces I am seeing have a distinct 70's mod feel to them in the patchwork feel of skirts, jackets and handbags.

To Wear:  Take the 70’s vibe chic in your work wardrobe this spring.  Pair a wide leg pant with a form fitting blouse with an over-exaggerated collar. Maybe you have one of those great blouses tucked away in your closet that is a true vintage piece.  Dust it off and bring it forward in your wardrobe!  You will be the fashion-envy of all your friends. 

Would You Dare: Patchwork.  I have passed on these vintage gems at thrift stores so many times, and now I am kicking myself! Embrace a suede patchwork skirt in early spring, and a bold patchwork shift dress or baby doll style in later spring. Of course, these pieces must be paired with a wooden sole platform shoe! 

Whatever your fashion-plan is this season, remember my number one rule of thumb: 
if you put it on and question it, the answer is “no, don’t try it”. 

  On the other hand if you try one of these new-to-you trends and think
“I can totally pull this off”, then YES!

Be confident showing your personal style!
As for me, I plan on embracing my inner rocker-chick and getting outfit inspiration from 70’s rock band CD covers.

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