July 2, 2007

men and shoes

Now, why is it that men (generally speaking) have such HORRIBLE judgement when it comes to summer footwear? I was shopping for a client this afternoon, and noticed the men in our community need some footwear help!

A few things you can pass along to the man in your life:

1. Athletic shoes are not appropirate in all situations. I actually saw a man, in a suit and tie, and ADIDAS shoes!

2. Along this same line, athletic socks are not OK with all shoes! Wearing socks with Doc Martin's was cute when we were in college - but it is not cute now!

3. Shorts. I don't think I have EVER seen a guy who is wearing denim shorts that I thought looked good in them. Please tell your man to opt for khakis!

4. Tank tops. Now, I know that many of our men really believe they are the buff strapping man they were in yesteryear...but now I think they need a shot of reality! Unless your man is built like Brad Pitt, working in the yard, or at the gym - advise him to leave the tank top home.

WHEW! I feel better now - thanks for letting me vent!

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