July 17, 2007

mid-season fashion blahs

It seems like it happens to me every season - about 1/2 way through (be it summer, winter...) I get completely bored with everything in my closet. Everything I put on doesn't looks right, and the one pair of shoes I want to wear - look stupid with everything I try to match with them. Am I the only one that goes through mid-season blahs?

The only thing that I seem to ever want to wear are my brightly colored cut-off sweats (that I wouldn't be caught dead in public wearing). But honestly, I really thought about wearing them to run errands yesterday. I really looked at them with several tanks - trying to talk myself into thinking they didn't look SO pajama-ish.

So what do you do when you're in a mid-season fashion slump (short of buying all new clothes)? Stay tuned...I'm sure I'll figure it out :)

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