July 21, 2007

Fall 07 Trends

We're seeing unique ways to pair unexpected pieces together to create interesting suits. Long sweaters with dress pants, car coats with trousers. Jackets are everywhere - and a very important wardrobe staple this Fall.

Again, layers are all the rage! Long sleeves under short or ¾ sleeves, pants under skirts - anything goes.

Country whimsy, Ralph Lauren inspired pieces are part of the fashion forecast for Fall. Weathered pieces (in sweaters, boots) work with embroidered floral skirts.

Texture texture texture! Corduroy with tapestry, silk with denim, different weight sweaters - the more textures you can get into a look - the better!

A nod to "Breakfast at Tiffany's" - this romantic ultra chic lady-like trend is popping up in blouses, skirts and jackets. Feminine jackets with straight leg pants, a strand of pearls -these pieces are great wardrobe staples - they never go out of style!

A nod to the unexpected comes in with crowns. The crown icon (as we've seen with crosses in the past) is coming into vogue. Juicy Couture is known for embossing the crown logo on about everything - now we're seeing lots of designers take this idea, and make it their own. The line I represent is no exception! We see this motif on a belt and a sweater - VERY CHIC, FASHION FORWARD AND SUPER CUTE!

YAY - color is back! This past summer, colors were drab and subdued. For Fall, we're seeing jewel toned pieces, use of greens, blues and oranges. Fun colors in traditional pieces. I am also seeing a lot of plaid and argyle. This 'color' trend is reminiscent of the trends we started seeing a year or so ago - with the resurgence of the preppy 'buttoned up' look.

Classic in style, with feminine details. This is one of the smartest ways to dress. Classic plaids, expertly tailored suit jackets, crisp blouses. Take an argyle vest, belt it with a straight skirt - and you are right on-trend!

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