September 29, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy - I have a question. I am searching for a good boot. My calves are small - so I have trouble finding boots that don't make my legs look fat. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Do you ever review new stores? I am wondering about that new place by the new Martin's. the one by Coldwater Creek. Is that the same store that is by Talbot's with the kids clothes?

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathy, please help me! My bust is about 37 inches, waist 27 and hip 38. My shoulders are average to broad, 37 inches around. I don't consider myself have the shape of an hourglass even though my measurements indicate so. My butt is average, but my hips are quite narrow and my bra size is 32E/30F. I'm 5.7 and weight around 138 pounds. My biggest issues are finding dresses, shirts and tops that hug my waist and give room to my large bust. What body type do you think I have? What styles fits me and what other tops thank tank tops can i wear? I must say that empire cut dresses and tops looks horrible on me, my waist dissapear and I look a little fat. Please give me every öpinion you have on my shape and what I can/shouln't wear :) I'm in great need of some good advice! thanks

Crystal said...

Kathy, I'm terrible at accessorizing! Could you give us a run-down on accessories and some examples?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I bought a really beautiful skirt over a year ago now and I have never worn it - reason? I honestly have no idea whatsoever what to wear it with! I know this might sound pathetic, but I have looked at so many tops of different colours/styles and come up with absolutely nothing.

I bought the skirt as my absolute treat for losing weight (I had gained over 4 stones), and now that I have lost the weight, I am desperate to wear the skirt having spent over a year working incredibly hard to get fit and healthy and a lot slimmer.

Here is the skirt: smith/13979
I am a UK size 12 on the bottom half, and a UK size 14 on the top half (I am very busty, bra size 30 J!) My measurements are 40 / 30 / 37. I am 5'2" tall so quite petite. I am also ethnically Indian so have medium brown coloured skin - I only say that because various colours such as yellow just don't suit me!! The skirt reaches just below my knees when I put it on.

Please, please help me figure out what on earth to wear this skirt with - top/shoes/jacket... anything!

Warmest regards.

Jen said...

Hi kathy, I'm a buyer for Girls teens wear in a department store. My co-worker and I, who's the buyer for ladies wear are always having problems with regards to buying our items. The last time we went on a buying trip together, I had difficulties in buying my items because she was always telling me that the items that I'm choosing are for ladies, even though they are clearly for girls teens. She only looks at the size to judge if it's for girls teens or ladies. She also says that all silk, linen and plaid materials fall under ladies wear.
For me ladies wear is more about showing the elegant and feminine outlook of a woman, and not just defined by the size of the item. Can you help me to differentiate between girls teens wear and ladies wear?

Thank you.

LeeAnn said...

Hello Kathy! I have a question. I have always loved being fashionable but now in my 50's I'm frustrated when going shopping. I carry my weight more in the spare tire area, just below my waiste. If I could wear a tailored jacket or blazer everywhere, then I would, but get too hot often. What would you suggest for a business/casual type outfit I could wear?

Lee Ann

TeeCee said...

Hi Kathy. I found a cute sundress on a clearance rack a couple of weeks ago and am debating whether to have it shortened. Since I'm into plus sizes and heavier on top, I usually wear skirts to the knee and have had all of my longer skirts shortened in the last year. This dress hits at mid-calf. Is there any reason to leave it longer or should I head to the tailor?


Anonymous said...

How I could I wear these shorts? They are really cute, but I don't know what top and shoes I would wear with them. Any suggestions? Thanks :)

Here's a link of the shorts:(I have the green shorts)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy! I'm having an INCREDIBLY difficult time deciding upon a color for a new (faux) leather jacket.

Here is the jacket:

This will be my first/only jacket of this style, and I can't decide whether I want to go with a black (pretty timeless), ivory, or blush (or even clay) color.

I'm about 5'1, 90lbs, with longer very dark (almost black) hair and fair skin. My style is generally classic and I wear a TON of neutral colors (beige, white, black, grey, etc).

I honestly feel that the ivory/blush color will go better with my current style, but I feel like a black one could add an edge that I'm currently lacking, plus it's often considered to be a fashion staple.

Help me, please!

Anonymous said...

okay, it's Sunday morning in Texas, not cold but cooler Low 80's, do I still wear bare legs with my dress or do I go for a sheer hose, colored, fishnet? This is for church not a party so I want to be somewhat conservative but not frumpy.

Anonymous said...

Hi kathy my bday is coming and I don't want to buy anything new I have a pair of heels and a dress I've never worn but I don't really think they match it's a metallic grey halter dress and red platform heels please tell me if you see this working or anyways to make it work

QKI said...

Question: I'm moving to Indonesia, a muslim country with pretty modern dress standards but bare shoulders and neckline can still sometimes be a problem. However I have tons of shells that i like to use as warm-weather work attire. What is the best thing I can throw on to look polished, cover me up, and not kill me in the heat (it's a tropical country: 80 and humid every single day without fail)


Jackie said...

I am looking for a purse that is in the Victoria secret swimsuit catalog, it is on age 88, I aske dwho the maker is and VS is not talking, they said they did not know, I have scoured the internet for straw purses designer names etc, no luck! I have a picture of it if needed, please help I am going crazy over this!

nina samarguliani said...

I need to buy an outfit for a night out, (not for a club)
so many ideas in my head, not much to to think about it though..
so what would you recommend for a girl who can fit a models' size: dress, high heels, clutch and a statement necklace. I want to look stylish, dressed in good quality brands. I'd love to hear some suggestions from you (brands, styles..)
Thanks in advance ;)