November 19, 2007

wearing tops with a full bust

ow do I wear tops / sweaters and so on well with a larger full bust line?

Dear Julie,
There is a fine line those of us with larger busts need to walk. It is easy to wear tops that are over sized - that make us look 20lbs heavier. The secret is:

1. make sure you are wearing the right bra size, in the right cut. I've worked with ladies who have never worn the right size - once they get the right bra on they instantly look thinner. The right undergarments are critical.

2. stay away from button front tops. These tops - if they fit your chest - will be too big in the waist. And, if it fits your waist, it gaps in the bust.

3. Look for tops that have princess seaming - this will keep your waistline.

4. fine tricks - like camis under blouses, belts, jackets, long necklaces - thing that draw attention to the center of your torso - instead of at your bust line.

This is a hard question, because so much of the answer depends on your specific body shape and height. If there is more information you can give to me - I can help you more!



Sassy said...

good to know

Anonymous said...

I have this problem to:S but I couldn't find any link on where to ask you a personal question, how can i contact you? thanks