November 29, 2007

what to wear? Holiday parties

I had a good question posed to me off-line, but I thought I would share it here.

I had a customer call who is in her mid 60's. She is headed to an anniversary party, that is an evening affair. What to wear?

To an evening event, on the weekend - you can never go wrong wearing the little black dress. On this client, I suggested a black lace dress...and then dress it down with a red wrap sweater and boots. A very grown up look - that we've made youthful...but not too young for her age. She will wear a black beaded necklace and carry a patten leather clutch. Now, if she were going black-tie - she can just wear the black lace dress, with black heels, pearls (or diamonds!). Completely changing the look of the dress.

So - think outside the box for your holiday attire. You might have something in your closet you wouldn't think of - think of all the different ways you can wear that one thing...with a jacket, sweater, belted, under something, over something.

Be creative!

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