December 25, 2007

Hide 5lbs...

These tips are intended for ladies. I will be offering tips for men on the WSBT morning show on Wednesday, December 26th.

5 Ways to Hide 5 Lbs
Why choose liposuction when you can hide a few extra pounds with easy fashion tricks? You can still wear the latest trends and look great. Just follow our easy, flattering tips:

1) Body Slip - A "must" under today's body-conscious looks. This one-piece body slimmer from Nancy Ganz can even go strapless, or try something from Spanx, they have lots of options to help hide problems areas from your knees to your ribcage! A great resource is bare

2) Soft layers - Keep your layering pieces lightweight. Whether you choose two tank tops, an open blouse over a tank top or other combo...keep the layers unbulky.

3) Stilettos - High heels with pants give you amazing length and sleekness in your legs. Sandals and pumps with 2 1/2 to more than 3-inch heels will do the trick. Don't believe me? Put on a pair of jeans and look at yourself in a full length mirror; now put on a high heel. *poof* Instant thin-ness!

4) Pantsuit - Dressing in all one color is a sure-fire way to look slim. Choose longer jackets to hide larger bottoms; add a sexier cami or blouse to soften the look and draw attention to the face. Note: the monochromatic scheme doesn't need to be black. Try cream with a red cami for the holidays.

5) Oversized handbag - Sounds too good to be true, but proportion can play tricks on the eye. Choose a shape that flatters (square shapes complement a rounder figure) and a strap length that doesn't land in a problem area (don't let the bottom of the purse rest on full hips). There is a notable exception to this rule: if you are petite, beware! Large handbags can overwhelm a small frame.

Every woman has a feature they know works for her. Instead of always focusing on covering up what you don't like, learn to flaunt what you do like. For example, a sleeveless dress will make everyone notice your awesome arms; a shorter-length skirt will draw attention to a great pair of gams. A deep v-neck top will show off your beautiful long neck.

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