December 25, 2007

How Shuld things fit?

HOLIDAY FASHION - ways to look thinner
how should our duds fit?

Long sleeved garments should hit just below the wrist bone with just a little ease (shouldn't be too tight or loose)
A button-front blouse should never gap open at the bustline. If the garment seems to fit, the problem may just be wide-spaced buttons. Attach a snap.

A slim or pencil skirt should fit without bunching or wrinkling up. Do the sit-down test.
Hemline correction -- skirts should be completely straight all the way around. If that's not the case (because of hips or tummy) have it re-hemmed.
Tailored pants should fall to the top of your instep.
Long, formal gowns should fall to about an inch off the ground.

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