June 16, 2008

My Rules for summer:

1. Always dress for the warmest location of your day. There is nothing worse than sweating through your clothes...especially for those of us who seem to be warm no matter what the temperature is outside!

2. Peeptoe or sandals in the summer.

3. Fresh flowers in the house - just because I think they are pretty, and always put me in a good mood.

4. Keep some fake toenails on hand - seriously - they are lifesavers!

5. A casual black dress can take you anywhere in the summer. Dress it up or down with accessories (I just got a new one that is super cute from Flourish Boutique and Gallery..stay tuned for more info on this great new boutique -- opening this summer! - and the best part of this boutique - those that are outside the Michiana area, you will be able to shop online from this super cute boutique!)

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