June 13, 2008



Looking for a Wardrobe Audit? Maybe a little help with defining your style? What better time to get going on the 'you' projects than now?! To see more details about each service, please log on to www.KathyFriend.com.

Initial wardrobe coaching or personal shopping Consultation
July Only Price $100 (save $50)

Wardrobe Audit - let me clean out your closet!
July Only Price $300 (save $275)

What To Wear - from your closet - includes an individual Look Book (photography of different outfits from your closet), and wardrobe audit
July Only $1,000 (save $300)

Body Shape Analysis and 'What To Wear' Guidelines
July Only $250 (save $50)

Event Styling - got a wedding coming up that you need someone dedicated to you - and how you look in photos? Maybe you are planning photography for your Senior Photos? Consider a professional stylist for that event!
July Only $200 (save $100)

Offer Expires: July 31, 2008. Offer good only on bookings in July - 2008

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