June 13, 2008

Sexy Shoes

by Desiree Stimpert

You know them when you see them, but what exactly makes a sandal sexy? Check out these top picks in sexy sandals, complete with shopping links and lots of tips for finding more sexy sandals on your own.

1. Carlos by Carlos Santana "Mechanic" - Sexy Sling-Back SandalsThese sandals have a lot of sexy features built in to them: 4" cone shaped heels, skimpy vamp straps, and sling-back straps. But what really takes them to that next level is the bunch of skimpy straps that hit right in the center top of the foot, each of which has a bit of shimmery metal in the center, making them flashy, but not too flashy.

2. RSVP "Jess" - Sexy Sandals with Stiletto Heels - If you can handle wearing stiletto heels, they are always a sexy choice. And sometimes, when the heel is dynamic enough, it's best to keep the rest of the shoe fairly simple, as is the case with these sexy sling-backs. The 4" heels speak for themselves, and are somewhat offset by a concealed platform sole.

3. Touch Ups "Marcella" - Low-Heeled but Sexy - Think flat or low heeled sandals can't be sexy? Think again. The trick is in finding the right ones. When it's sex appeal you're after, banish all thoughts of wide bands and sturdy features from your mind, and look for delicate straps and exotic or unsual embellishments. These toe ring sandals are a great example of a sexy flat. Pair them with shorts or a mini, and the look is super-hot.

4. Nine West "Fronttime" - Sexy Ankle Straps - Here's an easy rule of thumb to remember: ankle straps are almost always sexy. And while they do break up your leg, giving the calf a bit of a thicker appearance, this can be countered by wearing them with slightly shorter skirts ... besides, thicker isn't necessarily a bad thing. These sandals are doubly sexy, thanks to their ankle straps and their patent uppers, which come in a staggering array of trendy colors.

5. Gabriella Rocha "Mona" - Hot Heeled Thongs - There's no way around it, heeled thongs are hot, hot, hot. Low heeled or high; wedge, stiletto, or kitten heeled; and plain or embellished, you can hardly go wrong with a heeled thong as long as you avoid anything that looks like it might also be waterproof. Check out these simple thongs as a great example of sex appeal squared.

6. Nina "Peppino" - The Sex Appeal of T-Straps - Whether it's on sandals or shoes, there's something incredibly sexy about a t-strap running up the center of the foot. Embellishments such as jewels embellishing the strap can turn the look up a notch, but even a plain t-strap will add an element of sexiness to your look. Check out these dressy sandals for a great example, but a casual t-strap is sexy as well.

7. Chinese Laundry "Affina" - Black Sandals - Black epitomizes sex appeal, and even more so when it comes to sandals. Since black shoes can look heavy or overpowering, to keep it sexy, you'll want to look for a sandal that balances the amount of black material it has with the amount of foot it reveals. Look for straps that are intricate or interesting without being busy, as they'll provide a sexy contrast with any skin tone.

8. Pelle Moda "Colette" - Shimmer is HotThere's a reason you see crystals and rhinestones embellishing so many shoes and sandals these days. Quite simply, the look is hot. These embellishments catch the light, making them shimmer and sparkle with every step you take - how could that not be appealing?

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