July 18, 2008


This is a confession...to all my fashionista friends out there, and to those I've yet to meet. I confess that I have not been the most supportive of those who have been Goodwill shoppers. I apologize.

I have been working with the good people at Goodwill on an exciting project. As part of the Family Magazine's family expo (at the mall) in August, I will be helping with a fashion show featuring things from Goodwill.

So, today I spend my time going through the racks of goodies, hunting for treasures.

Before I share what I found, let me remind you who I am. I am a shop-a-holic. I love a good bargain as much as anyone, but value my time more. I hate digging through racks of things trying to find the one item that I need. I enjoy boutique shopping, knowing the owner's name - being friends with the managers. I like it that when I shop at Anthropologie or Nordstrom...they know my by name...they send me cards on my birthday. I like it that I work for a California designer...

so - there I was at Goodwill...AMAZED at what I found!

Here is a snapshot:

- RUTH skirt that retails for $200
- Vintage (beautiful and REAL) Gucci handbags (yes, handbagS...I found 4!)
- So many vintage Coach handbags, I can't even count that high - good to excellent quality
- a trunk full of Vera Bradley handbags...some the ditsy print, some the pretty solids
- Cute things from H&M
- a vintage fur (fake fur, but a beautiful fake) car coat from Milady (do you remember that shop? It is STUNNING, and if it fits me, it's MINE!)
- LOTS of things that still has the tags on
- Banana Republic suit for ladies - pretty!
- TONS from Ann Taylor, Talbot's, The Limited, Chico's
- Great designer wrap dress (think Diane Von Fustenberg)
- SO much Ralph Lauren I can't even tell you!
- Nick and Nora (new) PJs

...and I am sure I will be adding to this list as soon as I clean out my car...my trunk it filled to overflowing with all the finds!

So...if yo have some time, and are looking for ways to save some money - check out Goodwill! Who knows, maybe the next time you see me, I might be wearing something from one of our local Goodwill stores!

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