July 19, 2008

fashion vs. function

I am not one to sacrifice fashion for function. I hear that all the time in my consulting business...and if you are one of my clients, no - I am not talking about you :) - things I hear sound like "bla bla bla, I can't wear heels because I have problem feet bla bla bla" or, "yadda yadda, I need to carry a backpack because of some bla bla bla" - I listen, and try to baby step them into a fashionable choice...but I can not relate.

I was reading my newest Vogue this morning (tough job, but someone has to do it), and was oooing and ahhhing at the Fall Ricky bag from Ralph Lauren. It is beautiful - leopard print...so stylish. The Ricky is very much like the Hermes Birkin - I have a Birkin (not a real one, don't have a heart attack!), and this might be the one instance where function wins over fashion.

[The pink one is a Ricky - I bet my fashionista pal Vanessa is online right now trying to hunt one of these down!]

I hardly ever carry the Birkin, here is why:

  1. People in my neck of the woods generally have no idea what a great handbag this is. I carried it once when I was in LA, and got ALL KINDS of attention in stores that would normally snub their long noses at me. Here, no one understands (which is OK).
  2. If people here knew what a Birkin was, I can just imagine what they would say about this bag (it retails for $5,000 and up depending on the material...I've heard of some that have a waiting list of over 3 years!)
  3. It is heavy, and I can't throw it over my shoulder, although I can fit my laptop in it
  4. It is hard to get into...see that great buckle on the front? You have to undo the lock, unhook the buckles, unstrap the leather straps all BEFORE you get your wallet out to pay for a latte...too much work

So - in the name of function, I will stay away form the Ricky and the Birkin...real or fake. I will opt for my favs...Mary Frances, ZagBag, Coach, Serel, Dooney & Bourke, and vintage Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

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